College Rewards Cost Too Much to Enjoy

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College: The Rewards Cost Too Much to Enjoy
Elizabeth Davis
Excelsior College

College: The Rewards May Cost Too Much to Enjoy
A college degree is very important unless you can hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods or throw a punch like Floyd Mayweather Jr. Most parents make sure their children are clothed, nurtured and spoon fed college applications since the day they are born. Pursuing college after high school seems like the most natural thing for a high school student. Could it be because high school students are bred to fear life without college or an education? Those without a college degree are treated like the “black sheep” of society or invisible to major business organizations. Students are enticed by the many rewards endured after achieving a college degree. However, the cost of the rewards are too great for college students to enjoy until years later.

There are many rewards to achieving a college degree. Individuals with only a high school diploma was affected more by the recession than individuals with a college degree. Pew Charitable Trusts (as cited in Adams, 2013) reported that “. . . only 55% had jobs before the recession. That fell to 51% during the recession and 47% after the recession ended.” In addition, students in 2013 with a four-year degree felt the least amount of turmoil during and after the recession. Individuals with bachelor’s degree experiences only a 4% decline in their employment during and after the recession (as cited in Adams, 2013). Also, individuals with a four-year degrees weekly wages declined only by 5% during the recession. However, individuals with only a high school diploma felt the worst of the recession. They suffered a 10% decline in their wages every week (as cited in Adams, 2013).

Adams, S. (2013, January 10). It still pays to get a college degree. Retrieved from

Thesis: Debt from college is a costly reward.
Average students undergraduate debt
Affects on grads life
For this writing scenario, you have been asked to write a short essay with sources on an issue important to college students in the 21st century.

You will submit this essay to a student journal that is publishing a special issue on topics important to modern college students. You may choose to write about issues of costs and financial aid, balancing work/school/family, access to technology, or another issue you feel is important. The topic is up to you, as long as it fits the scope of the special issue of the journal. You notice the journal usually publishes short student essays, with a few sources.

Your task is to write a short essay, 750—850 words, on the topic above. Your essay should include at least two outside sources, which should be cited according to APA guidelines. You will draft your essay during Week 9 for a Week 10 peer review and will submit your final draft at the end of Week 10.

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