The Easiest Way to Resolve the Conflict of Students Saying That College Is Too Expensive

Topics: Higher education, College, University Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: May 5, 2013
La Terra Roberts
Composition 2
Bethany May
April 19, 2013
Could the issue of college tuition being too expensive be resolved? How? The price of college tuition being too high is a very hard solution to solve. But, I believe if everyone came to life and used their senses then maybe the problem could be resolved. It may take a while for this to happen for some, especially for those who are living above their means and can’t except the fact that the cost of college is breaking their pockets. I look at this situation as in anything worth having is worth compromising for, like having a college Education. Looking at the economy that we live in today, it is somewhat hard to maintain in the world without an education and success. Therefore, I believe that if everyone could afford an education then they’d at least try to seek for one. No matter how your education is chosen, online, through a technical college, or community college you should always go for what is best and affordable for you. Education is a very powerful thing. The saying knowledge is power is true, but nowadays it cost way too much to get an education. “At certain colleges tuition raises almost every year.” (Dworjan) And I think I attend one that does, because when I was a freshman in college it did not cost me as much as it does now. I know that the cost of classes vary but I’m not only talking about classes, I’m speaking on the tuition overall, as such as the room and board and all these extra fees that us students get charged with. Like for instance, basketball game fees, gym fees, swimming pool fees, and the city bus fees. I think they are all a waste of some people’s money, because not everyone attends the basketball games, use the gym, go to the pool, or ride the city bus. That’s why I say that college tuition should decrease because it is unfairly expensive. There are so many people in debt behind getting an education that I’m starting to think there is no way around it in the United States....

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La Terra Roberts
April 19, 2013
Proposal Argument Letter
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