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Topics: Money, Barter, Currency Pages: 6 (2077 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Bartering Systems
Chelsea Nelson
Kaplan University
CM220: College Composition
Professor Thompson

Bartering Systems

People have always looked for ways to save money. From groceries to furniture to electronic gadgets, there are always people on the lookout to save a few dollars tracking down a better deal or to scoring a cheaper price. In the current economy, saving that few dollars has never become more important. People still need and want things and many are willing to go to creative lengths to get them without spending extra money. Putting a new spin on an old concept, establishing a network of online flea markets allows people in local communities nationwide a chance to barter items they no longer need for things they do. Designed to match needs and services between users, someone can quickly find an item they need from a list of users that want to barter with that item. People can also donate items they no longer need. This is an essentially cashless system that allows people to save money by using resources immediately available to them instead of spending money needed elsewhere. It will help reduce waste as people reuse items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. As people make better use of the goods and services they already have, people’s need for government support will decrease. As well, it fosters a sense of self-sufficiency and greater senses of community as people not only find ways to help themselves but also help others. To help people become less wasteful and provide a beneficial way for people to help the environment and others in need is for them to barter objects and goods they don’t use or services they can provide in exchange for something else. These are things that are readily available to people and have legitimate value. In the case of businesses, many would prefer to trade services rather than writing a check. Many start-up businesses would benefit from bartering because it would lower its cash flow. Most people are familiar with the concept of flea markets and how local residents use it as a way to get rid of their unused or unneeded possessions. Combining that concept with bartering in an online setting is a perfect way to expand the variety of options for those who can’t buy certain valuables they need, or want. It will also give small businesses owners a chance to exchange services and potentially grow into a bigger businesses. It is also a great way to create a bigger social network within a community that could benefit people’s needs on an ongoing basis. Strange as it may sound, the most obvious benefit of bartering is that it is a cashless way for someone to obtain something they need. If a family or business is cash-strapped like most are, this can be a huge benefit. Take, for instance, Mr. Barter, who hurt his leg. He needs to get a wheelchair and is running short on cash. So how does he get that wheelchair? He could look for a cheap one on Craigslist but that would still cost him more money than he has. Mr. Barter also has a lot of things taking up space in his garage that he never uses anymore so he decides to log on to his local online flea market and see who in his area is looking to barter with him for a wheelchair. After Mr. Barter locates someone who has a wheelchair, he can contact him and they can directly barter an exchange with each other. This way, both get something they need and get rid of something they no longer want or use. Most important, the exchange costs neither person any money. Barter systems can also be beneficial for fostering ongoing business relations. When two parties require each other's goods and services on a regular basis, a barter system is a great way to establish goodwill between both parties by fostering confidence in each other's goods, services, integrity and business conduct. Good quality products and services are assured when two parties have been commercially dealing with each other over a...

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