Topics: Family, Marriage, Cohabitation Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 7, 2013
Before we spend our precious money, we consumers like to know that we'll be happy with our purchases. Few people buy clothing or shoes without trying them on, and you would never buy a car without a test drive first. Moreover, grocery stores offer samples to get consumers to try new products. We often try it before we buy it. How about marriage? If you are not compatible, why spend money for the wedding and the inevitable divorce? Cohabitation, which means living together, before marriage is not new concept for people. According to a five-year study done by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, they estimate between 60 to 70 percent of couple today will live together before marriage. However, if you ask me it is a good idea of living together before marriage, my answer is YES. There are three reasons for my answer.

Cohabitation before marriage has many benefits. First of all, cohabitation helps couples know how to approach household chores. Many couples complain about they fight for the chores from time to time after they get married. However, it is suggested that couples can discuss the cooperation of sharing the chores in the stage of cohabitation and decrease arguments. Once your partner agrees on doing the chores in cohabitation, he or she will cultivate the habit of sharing the chores, which eliminate the quarrel on households.
Secondly, through cohabitation, couples can learn how to handle finance. A study commissioned by Smart Money magazine and Redbook found that more than 70 percent of couples talked to their partner about money at least once a week. The respondents in the study said they fought most often about debt, spousal spending and then their own purchases. If couples can share their opinions on money and find they are financially compatible or not, those fights on money can be avoided after marriage. By cohabitation, couples can discover it is hard to earn the money, and they will be responsible accordingly....
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