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Alimony, also known as maintenance, is a process in which after certain couples get divorced, one has an obligation to provide financial support to the other. Alimony is based on several factors such as, length of the marriage, age, current income, future financial aspects, health, fault in marital breakdown, and even gender. The regulations for alimony are based on outdated social traditions and rely on aspects of the marriage that should not be associated with alimony. PARAGRAPH 1: Description...

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Spousal Support

as alimony. Spousal support is an allowance made under a court order to a divorced person by the former spouse (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 2003). In Canada it is a common belief that regardless of the reasons for divorce or separation the man can predictably be expected to pay spousal support. One of the most common grounds for divorce or separation in Canada is the infidelity of a partner. However, many find it hard to justify that a man should pay alimony when...

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negative speech for legalization of divorce

Whether such an enabling statute exists varies between jurisdictions. ALIMONY Alimony refers to payments from one spouse to the other. A court can order one spouse to pay three different types of alimony - permanent alimony, temporary alimony, and rehabilitative alimony. Permanent alimony requires the payer to continue paying either for the rest of the payer's life or until the spouse receiving payments remarries. Temporary alimony requires payments over a short interval of time so that the payment...

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you, we can advise you regarding how New Jersey palimony law affects your situation and your rights. Alimony Modification/Termination Cohabitation can have an impact on support obligations. If you are currently paying spousal support/alimony to your former spouse and he or she is now cohabiting with someone, you can seek a modification or termination of alimony. If you are receiving alimony and are considering cohabiting, we can explain the potential impact of that cohabitation on your continued...

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Divorce Decree

week. Using the scenario below, you are to draft a divorce decree, which is the final order of the court and dissolves the marriage and any and all outstanding issues of the marriage; this would include property, debt, children custody, support (alimony and child support), and miscellaneous issues. In this scenario, Patty filed divorce. Therefore, Patty is the Plaintiff and David is the Defendant. In some jurisdictions, the Plaintiff will be called the Petitioner, while the Defendant will be referred...

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Divorce Bill in the Philippines

woman is abused by a man, she should file a case against that creep under RA 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Children), so that he can go to jail and not abuse another girl again. If you divorce him, it'll still be along battle for custody and alimony, whereas if you criminalize him, you'll get paid for damages. If a man (or a woman) is a cheater, file for concubinage and adultery. Again, file for damages. So he or she will have a criminal record forever that he/she is a cheater. If a...

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Marriage vs. Living Together

affect finances negatively. Without a binding contract, such as a marriage license, the cohabitant can move out at any time, and take everything with him or herself. If one of the partners were to leave, the other partner would not able to collect alimony, or any other form of support. If one or the other was in a critical condition at a hospital, visitation would be prohibited. That is a privilege for family members or a spouse only. If couples would sit down and look at the pros and cons, of...

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29. Powers of natural guardian under Muslim Law. 30. Irretrievable breakdown theory. 31. Sapinda relationship. 32. Judicial Separation. 33. Dowry. 34. Alimony pendent lite. 35. Rights of Coparcener. 36. Triple Talaq. 37. Essential ceremonies of valid marriage. 38. Discuss the ground of divorce under Christian Marriage Act. 39. Permanent Alimony. 40. Dwelling house. 41. Classes of heirs. 42. Disqualified heirs. 43. Smruti. 44. Non-Ajavaharika debt. 45. Agnates and cognates. 46. Notional partition...

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Traditional & Common Law Marriage Essay

divorce, one may require spousal support, also known as an alimony, in order to support themselves and be economically independent. Both traditionally married and common law couples are eligible for support, however the process in which it is obtained differ. Based on part III of the Family Law Act regarding support obligations, a spouse from a traditionally married couple after separation has the right to receive, or is obligated to pay an alimony. On the other hand, section 29 states the second definition...

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The Case for Fault Based Divorce

should include fault-based divorce with the intention of preventing the offending spouse from profiting from the division of marital assets acquired during the marriage. Further, it should protect and release the innocent party from having to pay alimony to the offending party. These rules and laws would guard the guiltless party against further economic upheaval. By avoiding future consequences, resulting from marital debt or undisclosed circumstances, may directly impact the spouse and child. The...

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