Coduction Convection Radiation

Topics: Heat, Heat transfer, Energy Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: May 13, 2002
Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Heat transfer is the way heat moves through matter to
change the temperature of other objects. There are three types of heat transfers, Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. The first kind of heat transfer, conduction, is heat transferring through direct contact of materials. This would be the same thing as a pan on the stove. The heat from the stove touches the pan directly, therefore making the pan hot. The next type of heat transfer is convection. Convection is heat transferred by a gas or liquid. Such as dumping hot water into a cold glass of water, making the water overall warmer. The last type of heat transfer is radiation. Radiation is when the heat energy travels in actual waves. The suns energy gets to earth because of radiation.

These three types of heat transfer can be easily found in the activities we have been doing the past couple of weeks having to do with a universal dwelling. They can mostly be seen when we are trying to test the heating and cooling capabilities of our universal home model. Conduction can be seen when the ice

touched the cans full of insulation. The cooled cans touched the installation inside the can making it cooler. Convection can be found al over the place in our experiments. When we heated our model dwelling with the heat lamp the outside of the house

heated. This in turn heated the air inside making the air
temperature rise. Also, when we put the insulation cans in warn water the water heated up the can. And lastly, in the insulated can experiments, both cooling and heating, when the cans
temperature was changed it in turn changed the air temperature inside the can. The changed air temperature in the can the heated or cooled the insulation material. A radiation heat transfer was only found in one area of the experiments. When we heated or house models, the heat lamp was a form of radiation heat transfer. The heat lamp made the house heat up through light...
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