The Cold Equation

Topics: Causality, Torque, Life Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: September 11, 2001
Cause and Effect on The Cold Equation In the story "the Cold Equation" by Tom Godwin, the author created a cause and effect relationship by having Marilyn decide to stowaway on the emergency dispatch ship that only has enough fuel for one person. Because Marilyn decided to stowaway she ended her own life, forced Barton to deal with having to kill a woman, negatively affects the results of the mission to Woden, and for her parents and brother to deal with her death. Marilyn's last moments of her life created an element of suspense in the story. In addition Marilyn's death has an effect on the reader and the characters.

More fuel was being used up faster because the additional weight of the stowaway away. The EDS is only given enough fuel to make it to its destination by computerized layout. When the EDS goes through the planets gravitational pull. The weight that is there will increase in heaviness. Marilyn's 150 pounds would increase to about 550 pounds therefore the fuel will burn faster and the ship will plummet to the ground and crash.

The mission to Woden was jeopardized as soon as Marilyn stepped foot into the EDS. Marilyn weight made the Burn more fuel. And for that the EDS could crash and the Kalar Fever Syrum to the people who are sick down on Woden and they will die and so would Barton and Marilyn. So the mission would be unsuccessful.

Barton is forced with a hard decision when he found a stowaway, and that the stowaway is an 18yr old girl. It made it hard for him to annihilate her, he knew he had to he just delayed a lot of time for her to be able understand with in her last moment of life.

She got in contact with her brother and wrote her family a letter. But by the time it was time for her death she understand it was her life not by her decision but by an equation.

Barton was called upon a lot trouble personally he knew he had to but he didn't want to he wish he could of actually done something to save her. Her brother understand...
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