Coca-Cola: Marketing Plan

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Coca-Cola: Marketing Plan

[pic] The Coca-Cola Company was originally established in 1886 by Dr. John Styth Pemberton, since then the company has developed into one of the largest companies in the world and accomplishing more than they could ever imagine such as becoming the worlds number one manufacturer of soft drinks, operating worldwide in over 200 countries, having over a billion cans of Coca-Cola consumed everyday worldwide, to become the first company to both produce and use plastic bottles made from recycled material, the red and white trademark is one of the most recognized symbol in the world etc. shows you that Coca-Cola has come along way and continues to achieve sustainable, quality growth.

Mission & Vision

Our mission states what we as a company would want to accomplish and help us navigate effectively and efficiently when making decisions and taking actions. Coca-Cola has come under severe inspection by its investors because of its incapability to perform successfully its marketing program but with a clear mission and vision Coca-Cola can certainly achieve its marketing program and go beyond its expectations. Some of our most important missions would be to:

● Rejuvenate the world
● Create a moment of unforgettable happiness
● Provide best value
● Provide turnover to shareholders
● Increase market share
● Play an important role in making a difference in the world

Our vision is a structure that guides the company to what we want to accomplish in the near future by specifying what we want to achieve in order to keep reaching new heights. Some of our visions would be to:

● Create a friendly environment for its employees to work at the best of his/her ability and get more involve in terms of sharing ideas that can help the company. ● Provide everyone in the world with his/her favorite drink. ● Assist in making the world a safer one and aid in worldwide crisis such as global warming and other issues. ● Continue to succeed as a business over the next decade.

Marketing Objectives
Coca-Colas objectives should be precise, measurable, reachable, and sensible and timed, to carry out its marketing plan successfully. Some of Coca-Colas objectives:
● Market share objectives: to get 65% of the market for soft drinks industry by December 2009. ● Profitability objectives: to attain a 30% return on capital employed by November 2009. ● Promotional objectives: to increase awareness of its products on the market. ● Survival objectives: to endure the present market conflict among competitors. Target Market

Coca-Cola’s beverages are usually for all customers but there are certain products that Coca-Cola has developed to target specific customers. Take for example diet coke or coke zero that targets customers who are older in age preferably among the ages of 26 and 39, PowerAde sports drinks that target people who are healthy and play sports etc. Coca-Cola has numerous products to meet the demands of diverse consumers so that everyone can have a favorite drink that is associated with Coca-Cola thus greater production and sales. Coca-Cola uses a method called differentiated marketing which satisfies a variety of different markets e.g., Diet coke and Coke Zero would satisfy people who are weight consciousness, sprite, fanta for the typical human etc. Each group of beverages satisfies a specific group of people but majority the typical human. [pic]

SWOT Analysis
Coca-Cola has been around for over ten decades, which is one of its crucial strengths. The image of Coca-Cola is loaded with a lot of passion and heart that gets its message across successfully by displaying its image everywhere you go whether it may be on a billboard, T-shirts, watches, collectable items etc. Coca-Colas drinks are enjoyed by billions of people every day that shows you it is an influential symbol of quality and pleasure. Its other strengths would be its bottling system which permits them...
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