Coca-Cola Bottle: Object Analysis

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Caffeine Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Coca-Cola Bottle: Object Analysis

The Coca-Cola logo is a very recognisable logo, when people think of the colours red and white they instantly think of Coca-Cola. It is famous world round. This month it will be celebrating its 125 year anniversary. Therefore, I thought Coca-Cola would be a good contemporary piece of text from packaging to examine. There were different size bottles, in different shapes made out of plastic and glass and also coke cans are available too. I picked the Coca-Cola plastic bottle and I will conduct an object analysis of the bottle, I will research the typeface used on the logo and the other typefaces used on the bottle. I will look at previous typefaces used by the brand and the history behind the typeface and the influence the typeface has.

The Coca-Cola bottle is a clear bottle with a dark brown liquid in it, as you can see in fig. 1. When you shake it, it gets fizzy which means it is a fizzy drink. It has a red plastic band at the centre stuck on the bottle with writing on it, which gives information about the product. The band can be easily removed. There is a red lid at the top of the bottle where it can be opened. It can be opened by using your hand to twist it and the lid comes off and can be closed by putting the lid back on. On the lid, it has the Coca-Cola logo and an arrow saying “open by hand”. On the red band at the front of the bottle is the Coca-Cola logo, it is in white script writing on a bright red background. At the back of the band it tells you the size which is 500ml, the ingredients, the nutrition information, the bar code and the logo again but this time is going vertical and is smaller. You can see this in fig.5.and fig.6. It size of the bottle is 24cm in height and the width is 6cm at the largest part. It is narrow at the top, it is 2cm. It has to be narrow so it can fit into a person's mouth to drink out of it. The bottle is round, it is a contour bottle and it can roll and it is out of strong plastic....
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