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Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 7 (2724 words) Published: March 31, 2007
"Public Relations" covers a very broad area. One of the areas it covers is the relationship of the enterprise with its "public" – which may consist in clients, potential clients, the media, suppliers and anyone else who may be interested in the company and what it does. Public Relations are different from advertising. The first is obtained by various methods that don't always let the reader/viewer know that the specific article, press release or TV featured story is actually carefully conceived by the company that it talks about – by its PR department. These ways of communicating with the targeted public and somehow manipulating it have to be very subtle and precise. There are six vital facts to convey in the first paragraph of a release to ensure that it doesn't end up in the bin: Who, What When, Where, Why and How. People today are always on the run and any company that wants to catch their attention should be prepared with a well build and professional "PR" and advertising team. The public relations process is composed of four well defined stages though which public relations professionals have to go though in order to have a successful campaign. Stage one is "Defining Public Relations Problems," also known as SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). The next stage in the public relations process is "Planning and Programming," this focuses mainly on "strategy". The third stage in the public relations process is "Taking action and Communicating," The final stage is "Evaluating the Program," making a final assessment. This is where public relations professionals make a final analysis of the success of their campaign or communication.

A century of PR

I chose to examine the relations The Coca-Cola Company maintains with its public. Who has not heard of this world wide mogul? Practically everyone, from the royal British family to a child somewhere in Africa has at least once tasted Coke. The name Coca-Cola comes up every few seconds on the planet, whether on TV, on the radio, in a press release, in a conference or simply on the lips of a little girls asking for a Coke at her local drug store. Coca Cola is the refreshment drink enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world every day. The shape of the Coke bottle and the logo, which are registered trademarks, are the most recognizable commercial symbols in the world. Coca Cola is the product that has been most successful over the years. Since its birth, in Dr. John Styth Pemberton's laboratory in 1886, Coke has gone a long way... and all along this long road of over a hundred years Coca-Cola has always "listened" to its customers and maybe that is the secret of its success – a very good PR department - a department which always knew how to manage the company's reputation. At the suggestion of one of Coke's early drinkers, the original non-carbonized drink was added "the fizz" and so became even more refreshing and closer to what we call Coca-Cola today. This early contribution of the public to the product's success was maybe the reason why The Coca-Cola Company kept in touch with their public over its history. Since that spring day in 1886 Coca-Cola has build an impressive brand image. The product and all the rights of distributing it were bought over several times. But it seems that all of its handlers knew what they were doing, having in mind the place of Coca-Cola on today's market. On the first of May 1889, Coca-Cola was starring in its first marketing campaign. It was in the Atlanta Journal and it occupied a whole page. The ad said "Coca-Cola - Delicious Refreshing Exhilarating Invigorating". In its first five years on the market Coca-Cola managed to increase its sales over ten times. The Coca-Cola Company has always firmly believed in advertising, so from the early years of this soft drink it had a strong marketing and advertising campaign. More than 20% of the company's income was spent on publicity. On the 31st of...
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