Pr Campaign: Strategy Paper

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Riordan, Inc. PR Campaign: Strategy
Team C
Ruben Soto, Nancy Aaberg, David Mehrer Sr., Michelle Schuck, Hayat Hirsi, Maribel Mendez
MKT 438 Public Relations
University of Phoenix
M. Jean Bodden
December 14, 2008

It’s true that each effective public relation campaign has to be supported with the proper strategic plan to carry out valuable ideas into measurable performances and tactics. In that respect, Riordan’s PR plans will work to promote activity for this new facility move into Mexico. Riordan’s main PR objective in addressing issues behind this new facility change is to communicate positively with its primary publics. Riordan plans in building media relations and connecting with new employees and communities using media releases and hosting various open-house and communities events. Riordan’s tactical plan will use five different PR tools to support the overall theme of the company’s campaign. A comprehensive evaluation of the Riordan’s PR performance will be incorporated along with list of the risks behind using some of these PR tools that have been executed in this campaign. PR Campaign Objectives

Riordan Manufacturing Corporations main public relations department must always strategically manage the corporation image. Since Riordan is moving its manufacturing plant and services to a new country Riordan’s management team now must plan a specific campaign to minimize conflict in transplanting labor costs and negative publicity regarding the relocation. Riordan’s public relations campaign will target the plastic consumer industries, namely our stakeholders, vendors and customers. Secondly the campaign will target employees and communities affected by the plant relocation. Specifically the public relations campaign will have 3 objectives. Manage perceptions of our customers, manage the corporate image as viewed by the public, and manage the perception of the economy (Williams 2005). As with any change, the people affected will need communication and support as the transition takes place (Williams 2005). The perceptions of the customers include employees, vendors, investors, and Riordan service providers. The campaign will seek to maintain the relationships necessary for the move and minimize the impact on relationships of services no longer needed. In addition the campaign will work toward maintaining the image of corporate responsibility and convey the message of business viability profitability. Management and the public relations team must proactively meet these objectives to be successful in their campaign and move of Riordan Manufacturing (Williams 2005). Riordan’s Publics

In any organization there are both internal and external publics. “Internal publics consist of actors and stakeholders within the organization: supervisors, clerks, managers, stockholders, executives, and boards of directors.” (Seitel, 2001). The internal publics are easy to identify because they lie within the company itself but the external publics are more difficult to identify. External publics are “the people and groups outside of an organization's sphere that affect, or are affected by, what that organization does.” (Searchyourlove, 2006, ¶4). Riordan, Inc’s publics consist of the following: Current clients

Former clients
Riordan, Inc’s target markets
Referral sources
Members of the Board of Directors
Local government leaders
Business leaders
Regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over Riordan, Inc. (Williams, 2008, ¶3). Strategy Risks
Strategic Risks are involved in many ways when using PR tools to strengthen a business. The risks can range from being small to being big. Some risks can be bad enough to destroy a company. Riordan Manufacturing takes strategic risks very seriously when it comes to using Public relation tools. When PR tools are not reviewed and not used properly, the following risks may occur. Regulatory...

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