Pr: Organizational and Societal Functions

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Public Relations: Organizational and Societal Functions Reviewed
The pituitary gland is a human body part that is no larger than a pea and is located in the base of the brain where the three lobes meet. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (2007), this master gland of the endocrine system performs a number of functions from controlling skin pigmentation, an external activity, to the internal action of increasing hormones found in the advent of puberty. In short, this gland performs both internal and external functions. The organizational and societal functions of public relations are similar to the internal and external functions of the pituitary gland. To understand these communication functions, one must denote the meaning of each while categorizing particular genres based on understandings thereof.
Definition of Organizational and Societal Relations Organizational functions of public relations (PR) typically target internal publics, such as workers, management, the board of directors and investors. The purpose of the role is the attempt to offer information which will center the power of workers, management and financiers towards the organizational goals. As a difference, societal functions of PR target external publics, for example, government agencies, media, consumers, and specialty groups. The meaning of this function lies with a message that promotes and vends the organization as a whole, appealing to opinion and cultivating a relationship of reciprocal honesty and trust. From this point, the following list of actions can be categorized as organizational, societal or both in practice. The list includes: public affairs and risk management, consumer relations, governmental affairs, social responsibility, community relations, investor relations, marketing communications, employee relations, media relations, relationship management, publicity and communications management. For the purpose of this discussion, a maximum of

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