Cmi Being a Leader

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Being A Leader
Unit 5012|




3 – 4understand the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership. 1.1 Evaluate the impact of the organisation’s culture and values on leadership 1.2 Discuss how organisational specific, legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impact on leadership demands. 1.3 Evaluate leadership styles.

4 – 6 Be able to understand leadership styles.
2.1 Evaluate the relationship between management and leadership.
2.2 Evaluate the relationship between management and leadership.
2.3 Discuss why leadership styles need to be adapted in different situations.

6 – 8 Be able to secure achievement of team involvement and objectives through leadership.
3.1 Develop a culture of professionalism, mutual trust, respect and support within the team.
3.2 Evaluate the impact of a leader’s clear focus in leading the team in the achievement of these objectives.
3.3 Evaluate how the leader supports and develops understanding of the organisation’s direction.
3.4 Discuss how leadership styles are adapted to meet changing needs, and to enable team development and commitment.

CMI Unit 5012 Being a Leader
Rockdoor LTD manufacture unique high security composite doors, stable doors and French doors to individual specification, in a highly automated production plant in Blackburn, Lancashire. Established in 1996, Rockdoor has been instrumental in the development of the ‘composite door’ and has carved out an enviable reputation as the leading name in the industry, often asked for by name! Rockdoor is also part of one of the UK’s largest home improvement stockiest, General All Purpose Plastics (GAP). GAP has been supplying both the domestic and commercial building market with maintenance free building products from 26 depots the length and breadth of Britain.

Organizational culture is what my organizations views, skills and values are that hold it together, how it expresses itself and how it conducts itself not only from the inside but also from the outside of the organization. It includes all the written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time. It is shown in the way that the organization carries out its duties, treats its employees, customers and the community. How the information flows and how committed my employees are towards each objective. It has been pivotal in helping me better myself and also many members of staff due to undergoing internal and external courses such as the Business Improvement Techniques level 2, which is not only a massive gain for any individual but also for the company. I think that the culture has changed massively from when I started with the company over 6 years ago. It was a very negative place to work, no one really knew what was expected of them and the whole factory was a bomb site. Since 2010 when 18 members of staff got involved in the business improvement techniques course, I think it had opened everybody’s eyes and gave them an insight in to how a manufacturing plant should have been run.


Firstly organizational specific is how the business has an impact on my leadership style. I like to think that I am a democratic style leader while the majority of big organizations out there have or take an autocratic style approach to leadership. It also varies on the demand of the business at certain times, this means that I must try to adapt my leadership style to all the different problems that may occur within the business.

Organizational legal is all the written rules that have been developed inside and outside of the organization. For example things like the working time directive that effects how we put employees on shifts, health and safety, etc. If you as a leader...
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