Final exam review CMST 230

Topics: Leadership, Management, Sociology Pages: 4 (961 words) Published: April 22, 2015
CMST&230 Final Exam Review
1. What is the difference between a leader and leadership?
Leader: a legitimate position of power within a community.
Leadership: the process of influencing the task and social dimensions of a group to help it reach its goal. 2. Is leadership adaptable? Why or why not?
Leadership is adaptable because there are certain types of leadership style that people can use. 3. Do cultural styles affect leadership preferences? How so? In some cultures, especially in Asian cultures, people usually view themselves as followers and not as competitive as Western cultures  prefer autocratic leadership In Western cultures, people are more competitive and individual  prefer democratic leadership or Laissez-faire leadership. 4. What is the relationship between leadership and communication? Because a leader also needs to be very good at communication skills such as listening, public speaking and small group working 5. What is the leader’s role in the emotional tone of the group or the group climate? Being sensitive, supportive and encourage personal growth of workers. 6. Is leadership static?

No, a leader needs to be very adaptable depends on the situation and group’s progress. 7. What is groupthink?
The primary threat to sound decision making and problem solving with a group that experiences extreme cohesiveness is a phenomenon called groupthink. 8. How can groupthink be prevented within a group?

Four ways:
The leader should stress critical evaluation.
Seek outside feedback.
Assign a devil’s advocate within the group.
Invite outside observation.
9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Majority Rule? Advantage: easy to decide, satisfy the majority of the group. Disadvantage: does not satisfy the minority.
10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Consensus?
Advantage: satisfies every member of the group, promotes stronger social dimension. Disadvantage: takes time, hard to decide.
11. What are the advantages and...
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