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Level 5: Management and Leadership

CMI Assignment
UNIT Number 5013
Leadership Practice

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Section 1 – Understand the links and differences between management and leadership 1.1 – Discuss the concept of managers as effective leaders Pages 3 – 4 1.2 - Discuss the concept of leaders as effective managers Pages 4 1.3 - Evaluate the balance needed between the demands of management and the demands of leadership Pages 5

Section 2 – Understand leadership principals that support organisational values 2.1 - Evaluate the role of a leader in contributing to the creation of the organisations vision, and its communication to othersPages 5 – 6 2.2 - Evaluate how personal energy, self-belief and commitment impact on leadership styles Pages 6

2.3 - Identify how empowerment and trust through ethical leadership impact on organisational practicePages 6 – 7

Section 3 – Be able to understand and apply leadership strategies to organisational objectives 3.1 - Evaluate transformational leadership and identify its impact on oragnisational objectives
Pages 8

Understand the links and differences between management and leadership

1.1 Discuss the concept of managers as effective leaders Whilst it may be true there are many similarities between these roles the simplistic differences are glaringly obvious upon further examination, my personal belief is that the role of manager is a transitional stage to becoming a leader although not everyone is capable of completing the journey; the role of leader is made up of both individual characteristics and circumstance. The below table shows us how some authors on this subject view the differences between the roles, it is clear that all agree them to be different although a strong variation between their definitions and if this is conceptual or practical. Author(s)| Focus| Leaders| Managers|

Bennis & Nanus (1985)| Conceptual| do the right thingspeople as great assetscommitmentoutcomeswhat and why things could be donesharing informationnetworks | do things rightpeople as liabilitiescontrolruleshow things should be donecompliancesecrecyformal authority (hierarchy)| Czarniawska-Joerges & Wolff (1991)| Conceptual| Symbolic performance, expressing the hope of control over destiny| Introducing order by coordinating flows of things and people toward collective action| Spreitzer & Quinn (1996)| Conceptual| Transformational| Transactional| Zaleznik (1977, 1992)| Practical| Energize the system, their working environment is often chaotic| Ensure the stability of the system| McConkey (1989)| Practical| Provide proper conditions for the people to manage themselves.| Concerned with controlling conditions and others.| McConnell (1994)| Practical| Vision, inspiration, courage, human relationships, profound knowledge.| Allocate resources, design work methods, create procedures, set objectives and create priorities.| Buhler (1995)| Practical| Give people purpose, push the boundaries, need vision and ability to articulate it.| Accomplish work through others, follow the rules, rely on legitimate power.| Sanborn (1996)| Practical| Create change and ensure that others embrace it. The word lead means to go from – leaders tend to take their followers from one place to another.| Change when they have to. The word manage means to handle.| Fagiano (1997)| Practical| Help others do the things they know need to be done to achieve a common vision. | Get things done through other people. | Sharma (1997)| Practical| Innovation| Conformity|

Maccoby (2000)| Practical| Leadership is a relationship – selecting, motivating, coaching, building trust.| Management is a function – planning, budgeting, evaluating,...

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