Clinical Audit

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Audit is currently defined as a cyclical activity incorporating both systematic evaluation of the quality of clinical practice and action .The aim of audit is to establish the extent to which actual clinical practice compares with best clinical practice. Bowie etal(2012 It incorporates the systematic and critical analysis by nurses, midwives and health visitors, in conjunction with other staff, of the planning, delivery and evaluation of nursing and midwifery care, in terms of their use of resources and the outcomes for patients/clients, and introduces appropriate change in response to that analysis (NHS ME, 1991 Framework for Audit for Nursing Services) nursing audit is the systematic evaluation of nursing which results in an improvement in the quality of patient care. NICE(2002) The benefits of audit are :improvements in practice: creating real benefits in patient care and service delivery; develops openness to change; Provide assurance: meeting evidence-based best practice; Listening to patients, understanding their expectations; Development of local guidelines or protocols; Minimise error or harm to patients; Reduce incidents/complaints/claims.

Closs and Cheater (1996) mentioned that audit become the backbone of one of the most commonly applied and widely tested initial methods of achieving quality improvement or attempting to facilitate the adoption of evidence-based practices. Audit requires to data regarding processes and outcomes of care, and additional data elements depending on the Sophistication of the audit system, the audit targets, and the indicators being monitored. Cooper and Benjamin(2004 )audit is now an essential part of nursing practice, this article aims to provide nurses with a clearer understanding of it so that they feel and capable of carrying it out in their clinical area In audit it is the level of clinical significance (the extent to...
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