Climate Change Speech

Topics: Ozone depletion, Atmosphere, Chlorofluorocarbon Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: January 1, 2015
Speech on Global Warming
I would like to begin with a statement. Our earth is in trouble. Can anyone of you argue with that? I suppose you could argue. And why is that? Because you have never deeply researched the concepts of either global warming or climate change. So what can we learn from that? The first step of solving a problem is being aware of it. So you would ask “what is global warming?” Global warming is exactly what you hear. The warming of the globe. The earth’s climate gets hotter and hotter until icebergs start melting causing massive floods, forests are burning and whole areas are left without any water because it has vaporized. So global warming can affect the economy of the countries, the health of the people and the life expectancy of our planet. If that is not a major problem, I don’t know what it is. So, being aware. In a set of explanatory studies and mental model interviews that was conducted in 1994 responders regarded climate change as both bad and high likely. So far so good. But the majority of them confused stratospheric ozone depletion with the greenhouse effect which are two completely different phenomena. Explanation of ozone destruction with the two lines, the cloud and the human activities (a cloud that protects us from harmful sun rays. But it’s just a cloud. The gases that came from human creations like sprays and cars started “attacking” to the cloud and that was so fragile that it opened allowing some harmful sun rays enter our atmosphere.) So the responders were answering that the reasons for global warming are the use of car, emissions from industrial processes and pollution. And of course most of the solutions that they were proposing were things like “we have to focus on controlling pollution”. I have news for you. The hole in the ozone layer is not the main cause of global warming. Global warming is linked mainly to the green house effect which is caused by the gathering of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the...
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