Clean Up Mumbai Campaign

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Greater Mumbai Cleanliness And Sanitation Byelaws 2006

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Solid Waste Management Department

Helping make CLEAN Mumbai

Clean-Up Mumbai Campaign

An MCGM Initiative

Mumbai Facts
• Every public space is splattered with paan stains and there is litter on the streets besides the odd pile of debris and garbage. • Mumbai Produces 6500 tons of Garbage per day. • Also produces nearly 2500 tons of construction and demolition (C&D) waste per day. • Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) allots 10% of its annual budget for Solid Waste Management i.e. Rs.1200 crore.

The Bye-laws 2006
• Byelaws, 2006: have a provision to fine citizens who engage in spitting, littering and other nuisances in public spaces. • Considering the limited human resource, MCGM has taken up an innovative step to authorize private security agencies to fine the defaulters for breaching the byelaws. • These security agencies will deploy Clean-Up Marshals in the various wards who will patrol 24/7 and fine the offenders.

Salient Features of Campaign
MCGM will not pay anything to the security agencies for their services and in turn has agreed to share 50 percent of the fine collected. Security agencies to deploy Clean-up Marshals in the various wards who will patrol all the 24 wards of the city and enforce the cleanliness bye laws. Thus, the campaign encompasses: 1. provision of additional facilities for cleanliness 2. education and awareness generation 3. enforcement of bye-laws by fining offenders with the help of Clean-up Marshals

Salient Features of Campaign
• All the clean-up marshals working for implementation of Byelaws will have to wear uniform, as prescribed by the MCGM. • 50% of the fine amount collected in each ward and will go to the respective security agency. • The revenue generated out of this, will be spent on Solid Waste Management (SWM) activities. • In order to ensure the effective performance, MCGM has empowered the citizens to do the third party audit of this campaign at ward level.

Fines Applicable
Fines applicable for breaching the bye-laws range from Rs. 100/up to Rs. 20,000/-

Fines Collected
till 27th Mar. 08

Security Agency
Central Investigation Security Services Property Guards Services Vishal Protection Force Trig Guard Force TOTAL

No. of Fine collected No. of cases fined Marshals 8461 5148 2851 7850 24310
Rs. 38,35,500 /Rs. 11,61,800/Rs. 5,82,200/Rs. 36,06,600/-

98 40 20 92

Rs. 91,86,100/-

Community Service
If a person is not able to pay the fine, he/she will have to do community service like sweeping or graffiti cleaning, removal of posters, cleaning of water table, posters on electric boards for at least one hour

United Way Mumbai
• • • • Leading professional corporate and employee giving charity We endeavor to set the highest international standards of due-diligence and governance Large MNCs /Indian Cos & their employees trust us with their money To create large scale long term change in the area of children and education, women empowerment and civic issues Gold Standard for Assessing NGOs

United Way Mumbai
Office Held
Chairman Vice Chairman Treasurer Members

Sunit Mehra Vivek Gupta Sanjay Luthra Keshub Mahindra Sunil Mehta Rajiv Memani Sanjay Nayar Jasubhai Shah Indu Shahani

Corporate / Institution
Hunt Partners India A.T. Kearney Leo Mattel Mahindra & Mahindra AIG Ernst & Young Citigroup Jasubhai Group H.R. College AZB & Partners JP Morgan Chase Bank

Country Head Managing Director Managing Director Chairman Country Head Country Manager CEO Chairman Principal CEO Partner Managing Director

Rajan Ghotgalkar Principal Asset Mgmt


Zia Mody Dominic Price

Mumbai Helpline
• Mumbai helpline is an initiative of United Way to address key civic issues of Mumbai city by providing a platform for various stakeholders to come together and undertake projects aimed at...
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