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Sustainability Ass2

By mitchsmed Dec 19, 2014 780 Words
P4 –
Explain how four key methods (legislation, control, design and specification, management) are used to protect the environment from the impact of the construction and built environment sector. The most relevant pieces of environmental legislation should be identified and which statutory bodies monitor police and enforce the legislation. A description and examples for design, specification and management must be given.

Legislation & (what they cover)
Environmental protection act 1990
This act covers various sectors in accordance with pollution and air control by local authorities

Town and country planning act
Wildlife and countryside planning act

DEFRA (department for environment, food and rural affairs) ; defra is a ministerial uk government depart that is supported by 36 agencies and public bodies, this department is responsible for the policies and regulations that regard the environment, food and rural issues. DEFRA are responsible for the regulations and policies on: 1) natural environment, biodiversity, plants and animals

2) green economy and the sustainable development
3) food farming and fisheries
4) animal health and welfare
5) protection on the environment and pollution control
6) rural communities and issues.
7) protecting animal welfare
these regulations are used to control the environment, pollution control and the rest that are listed above.

this is an organisation which exists to promote and protect england’s most historic area’s and the environment to ensure that the past is researched historically and that its fully understood.

Environment agency
this agency regulates the major disposal in industry and waste, treatment of contaminated land, the water quality and resources, conservation and ecology and fisheries.

Np authorities
AONB(areas of outstanding natural beauty) are designated under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. the purpose of this organisation is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of these areas and to promote public understanding and enjoyment of their special qualities.

Local ||
the local government is a collective term for the local councils, this group is made up of councillors whom are voted by the public in local elections. councils provide a various amount of services. they also have responsibility of taking care of the economic, social and environmental ‘wellbeing’ of their area as well as imposing fines and imprisonment if legislation is broken.

Design and specification
Solar pv
this method will cut your electricity bills. due to sunlight being free, once you've paid for your initial installation your electricity bills will be reduced. Solar thermal
this works by absorbing energy from the sunlight by the solar panels, then the solare panels will transfer this light energy into heat energy. this is then removed by a heat transfer liquid which is usually water or antifreeze. Biomas

even though this is a high initial cost and is quite harmful to the surrounding environment, it is relatively clean energy, it can be used commercially through businesses such as airlines, meaning it is good for the environment and is also beneficial towards businesses.

Passivhaus- this is a heat gain control and heat distribution method that is really effective. passivhaus is seen to be a building that is kept under control regarding heat and fresh ventilation, this works by heating or cooling the fresh air ventilation which is required for a good indoor comfortable environment, eliminating bad smells caused by limited ventilation.

Wind turbines -
this is an effective way of creating electricty as wind is always in motion, as well as wind being free. remote areas that are not connected to the national grid can impose wind turbines into the enviroment and create their own electricity by doing this. but you are not always guarenteed a constant strength of wind, wind varies in strength so therefor one day you could produce lots of electricty whilst on the other hand produce near enough non.

all these are design methods to reduce environmental impact.

Just in time
this is a mangement technique that is affective to reduce storage space and limted breaks regarding materials and equipment. this method is where the manager places orders on materials etc immediately before they are needed. this reduces storage costs and breakages.

Site storage; site storage is an effective way of reducing transportation costs to keep plant (machinery) safe, instead you can buy/hire a site safe to ensure and reduce the risk of damage to your machinery and equipment and reduce theft on site. a company called PlantSafe LTD™ hire Tool Vaults to sites to ensure all equipment is safe throughout the project,

Measure twice cut one
cut something improperly and it is damaged and is then waste, to reduce waste its easier to check your measurements twice before you cut, “measure twice cut once”. this is more effective than measuring once and cutting more than you need.

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