Classroom and Education

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Classroom Management involves the creation of an environment that successfully facilitates the learning process. It will also set the responses to behavioral issues and it will as well organize responsibilities within the learning environment. “Management is defined as the aspect of your teaching role that focuses on creating an environment and establishing conditions that facilitate student success in achieving both academic and social goals. This involves your exercise of classroom leadership, the facilitation of the student motivation, the arrangement of the physical space, and management of time and lessons.” (Savage,1999 Pp7) Good classroom management provides a structure for the students within the classroom settings. Students know beforehand what is expected from them and what can be expected from the teacher. “Having a well managed classroom will make teaching easier, and it will give a teacher confidence to try out different activities and approaches that may appeal to students’ interests.” (Emmer & Evertson, Pp7) DISCIPLINE

“Discipline needs to be viewed as an essential component of everyone’s education and absolutely critical to the development of healthy individuals. We need to recognize that how we operate and manage our classroom affects the lessons that students learn.” (Savage,1999 Pp10) Without a solid classroom management there will be always potential discipline issues. Discipline in schools are always a complex challenge with diverse causes, trying to understand them will help us to identify what needs to be changed however, what it seems to be the root of this complex issue is the lack of self-control. Self- control is something based on experiential learning acquired by making choices and taking responsibilities for our own actions. Lack of self-control equals discipline problems. Discipline it is more than a response to misbehavior it is rather a process of growing toward the ability to show and practice self-control, under...

References: Teaching Self-Control through Management and Discipline
Tom V. Savage
Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers
Edmund T. Emmer/ Caroline M. Evertson
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