Teacher Crisis Effects of Classroom Management

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: June 21, 2005
Anything undergoing a crisis is said to be going through a crucial situation or turning point that will change for either better or for worse. This is what the education system is going through right now. This crisis is being known as the "teacher crisis." The cause of the teacher crisis comes from many things, all of which I will not be able to discuss. The main reasons that are more and more noticeable are: teacher stress, and a shortage of good teachers. This crisis has been around for many years and not much is being done about. This teacher crisis is affecting the lives of the students who are all forced through compulsory education to either go to a public, private, or even be home schooled. It is not fair that students have to deal with the teacher crisis when it affects their learning.

Children are very good at reading attitudes, especially when it is an "I don't care" attitude. When they get a sense that an adult does not care about them learning, they think, "Well why should I care." This is the reason for looking at the teacher crisis and its effects on classroom management. How does this crisis affect classroom management and what can be done to solve this issue?

Management according to the dictionary is defined as the act of directing and controlling the affairs of business. Classroom management however is not easily defined. Its meaning is so complex because there are many issues that are involved with this term "classroom management." These issues include classroom culture, students' legal rights and protections, and the teacher's duty of care. Classroom culture is the direct interaction in the classroom between teacher and student, student and student, and student and outside adults, such as a guest speaker. All students come to school with legal rights and protections. These rights are freedom; the right to express oneself through speech, religion, dress, etc., justice; the right to notice, fair hearing, and appeal, and equality; every...
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