Philosophy of classromm management

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Philosophy of Classroom Management
Grand Canyon University
March 3, 2010

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Philosophy of Classroom Management

I believe Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then learning can take place. It is necessary to set the tone in a class, preventing behavior problems with interesting and engaging curriculums. Having the right environment for all students to learn is my major goal of implementing effective classroom management.  I am committed to getting to know my students and interacting with them one-on-one. I believe that meeting the needs of my students is a very crucial part of my classroom. I want them to be comfortable with the other students, as well as me, so that there can be meaningful discussions and interactions. I want to encourage all students to participate in class so that they can learn from each other as well as me. I want to be a fair as I can be, so the students trust me. I will have a very patient and calm attitude with my class. I will ask students about their life outside of class so they feel comfortable. I want students to be a part of their learning. I want to involve students in rules about the classroom and if students feel they are involved in the workings of the classroom, they will be more motivated to engage in the class and in turn, learn. Being a facilitator of learning, following through on the procedures put into place, expecting that my students will learn, and setting the pace and environment for learning all make my class a well managed classroom. Personal Conduct

I will always treat students with respect and dignity. Sarcastic and deriding language will never leave my mouth. I will take every opportunity to advance my understanding of the educational process and the needs of students so that I may serve my students to the best of my ability. I will dress and act professionally everyday and in every situation. I will have high expectations for my students. Lastly, I will attempt to remain positive in all circumstances.

Behavioral Goals for My Students
My students will act in a courteous and respectful manner to every student and adult in the classroom. No student is to be shunned or disrespected. Students will learn to work

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Philosophy of Classroom Management
together in groups and individually to learn the course material. Students will actively engage in the course work with each other, and the teacher. I expect students to come prepared to learn, listen and follow directions.
What the Classroom Might Look Like and Fee Like Walking through the door, students are hit with vibrant colors on the walls; the class is decorated with theme for lessons taught. They can see wall to wall maps, art, famous people, different cultures and student work all around the room. They feel safe and welcome wandering to their seats which are marked with their name. I believe the set up of a classroom has a big effect on student learning and I hope that my classroom will be an environment that will engage my students in critical thinking, discussions and reflection. I believe that students should be constantly challenged and provoked to think critically. I put an array of posters on the walls to show an outline of the year ahead. I will use all the posters throughout the year and hope that they will engage the student’s...
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