What Makes a Better Teacher

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There are many characteristics, techniques and other factors that make a successful and exemplary teacher. These may be varied as the teachers themselves. However, there are certain time-tested attributes, characteristics, practices and environmental actors which contribute immensely to teacher success. In this paper, we have divided these elements into three categories which will be covered in details as we try to analyze this topic. The main subtopics of this paper can be categorized as Teacher-Personality and Attitude, Teacher-Student Psychology and Teacher-Institute Relationship.

Teacher-Personality and Attitude

There are certain personality characteristics and attitude issues which will help a teacher excel at his/her work. In this section of the paper we explore some of those issues in depth by explaining each point ad then adding some of our teaching experience whether it is an event, an observation or advice. The noted points can be summarized as follows:

1.Self-Presentation and Personality: This issues has two parts to it. The first one being the outside look of the teacher and the second being the conduct of the teacher in the class. It is widely believed that if a teacher is presentable, he/she will give a good impression to the students especially in the first few days of the class. This indicates that the teacher is taking his/her job seriously and acting professionally and the students eventually will appreciate that. In addition to looking presentable, the teacher’s personality in class plays a big role in how efficiently the class will be conducted. It is essential that the teacher send the right signals to the students so they will understand the basic rules in the class. My own experience tells me that when I set the rules and show the students that I care about them, they pay attention to me and they treat me with respect.

2.Enthusiasm: It is important to show the students that the teacher loves his/her job by his conduct in the class. This can be show in many different ways. some of the ways are to give real examples, speak with a varying vice (not monotonic) and encourage students by showing interest in their work.

3.Preparation: It is important that the teacher come to class well prepared with a lesson plan, interesting examples and good time management. The lesson plan should be clear and either written on the board or on the presentation, the examples should be interesting and related to the lesson plan; the students should feel that the class time is well oriented and not boring. For example, giving a short lecture and then a good practice for the students will get them involved early in the class and keep then interested.

4.Punctuality: For a teacher to excel and be highly regarded by his/her students, it is essential for the teacher to be on time for the class and in fulfilling his promises in timely fashion. An excellent teacher would show up early to class get the teaching material ready and returns the quizzes, homework assignments and projects in due time and go over then in class so the students can learn from their mistakes. Being punctual will help the students get organized and will make them relaxed knowing what to expect throughout the semester. The teacher should encourage the students to do that as well.

5.Consistency: Another issue that makes an excellent teacher is being consistent. The teacher should not miss classes without a real excuse, should be consistent with attitude and dealings with students such as offering help to all students the same way, and is always well prepared to teach the class.

6.Politeness: To get through to the students’ minds, it is imperative that the teacher be fair, humble, has a sense of humor, relaxed and kind. These qualities will indicate that the teacher is close to the students and make them feel comfortable as they attend the class. This positive atmosphere will also make students feel assured that they...

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