Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, School Pages: 7 (1861 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education - Innovative classroom practices and teaching techniques

Shah Komal Ashok
Research Scholar.
RVS College Of Education
Sulur, CBE.

Teacher education courses deal with both theory and practical subjects. The teacher education curriculum framed has changed little over the years. While the children and their learning abilities have been ever changing, in teaching only the age old methods are still practised. Though teaching has moved from the teacher centric learning to child centric learning, teacher education still lies somewhere in between the two. In the present scenario this has formed a wide disparity between the education system and teaching education curriculum. Even today, the trainee teachers use the age old black board and chart display in a traditional way. And more importantly most of the classroom management techniques followed by the teachers are arrived through their own experiences, creativity and trial and error method. There is a lot more scope of including scientific and systematic approach to classroom management, based on child psychology and learning theories. Thus a modest attempt is made through this presentation to explore possibilities of including new teaching practices; whereby enhancing teacher education quality.

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The teaching education curriculum prescribes usage of many instructional skills and tools. These skills are discussed in detail and also practically tried in the teaching practice. However for these instructional skills and tools to be transacted in the classroom successfully, classroom management is a pre requisite. Our teacher curriculum touches about classroom management at only a surface level. Whereas, the need for these techniques are at a higher level. Marzano research says “teachers’ actions in their classrooms have twice the impact on their students’ achievements as do policies regarding curriculum, assessment, staff congeniality and community involvement”. Therefore, a detailed understanding on various classroom management techniques could be included to enhance quality in education. Classroom management:

The classroom is a place where teachers help children to grow in knowledge and personality. For effective teaching and learning to take place, the classroom has to be well managed by the teacher. Off all the variables affecting student learning, classroom management has the most effect on the student achievement. The basic aim of classroom management is to maintain a positive, productive learning environment. The objective of classroom management is not to keep children docile and quiet but to be able to keep them meaningfully engaged in worthwhile and appropriate learning activities. This means ensuring effective utilization of time on task through self control. A well managed class does not appear out of nowhere. It has to be created be fostered by the teacher. The teacher basically performs three important functions. • Designing curriculum to facilitate learning– responsibility of the curriculum developer • Making choices about the instructional strategy to be used – Teacher education prescribed • Managing the classroom effective – need of the hour. Out of which the first two depend on the foundation of the effective management. Therefore it is of utmost importance that teachers have a solid understanding on these classroom management techniques.

Important aspects of classroom management:
Definition of classroom management, offered by Evertson and Weinstein (2006) represents a current and widely accepted view.   According to Evertson and Weinstein, classroom management has two distinct purposes:  “It not only seeks to establish and sustain an orderly environment so students can engage in meaningful academic learning, it also aims to enhance student social and moral growth” (p. 4). The authors identify some specific...
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