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Perfume has played a role in human existence and interaction for many thousands of years. The word “perfume” is widely acknowledged originates from the Latin language, and if divided the word into two word, ‘per’ is meaning ‘through’ and ‘fumar’ meaning ‘to smoke’. Muller(1992, p11) suggests that this association with smoke inspired that the first perfume were actually used for religious purposes, in the form of incense being burned as a sacrifice to the gods. The history was well aware of the power of scent. Howes & Synnott described that there are many ways in which people has been using perfume long time ago. It was used in one sense as a personal attraction device, however, it is also as a key element of a different group of different occasions. The study begins by considering the relationship between consumption in consumer society and advertising. The particular interest is the role of advertising in both reflecting and changing perceptions of womanliness. Advertising both reflects and influences social norms, so evaluating thematic changes over time allows us to chase fashion trends as well as social attitudes and values towards particular divisions of social difference, such as age and sexuality among others.(Debra Wong 2011 P8) Perfume advertisements not only mean sell a product, they also mean sell a lifestyle. Buying and wearing perfume is constructed as a means of transformation (Goldman 1987. 696) they made consumer to feel that perfume can give qualities they need, or provide access to luxurious lifestyles they desire to. In the research it shows a content and analysis of perfume advertisements in different brands. Perfume advertising has consistently reflected idealized images of love, happiness, romance and magic. In perfume advertising , the social divisions are commodified to create the illusion that consumer have a relationship with the perfume. The commodification of age, nationality, and sexuality, for example posits the consumption of perfume as a means to youthfulness, freedom, and happiness.(Debra Wong. 2011 P10) One of the most pronounced ways in which consumers, that become educated in the role products play in our daily lives is through the introduction of advertising.

Most women would like to have their own scent. Perfume gives the power to women is what they wear. The advertisement of perfume on Women’s magazines from all over the world show what women will be able to do once they wear it. However, it is not all the women have the same tastes and interests on scent. A successful perfume advertisement depends on how attractive it is. Sporty style women and high class conservative style women, compare those two, the latter probably do not have the same taste in perfume, as would a teenager compared to a 50-year-old woman. Advertisers must use a variety of tactics to sell women’s perfume in order to appeal to the different styles and identities of women. Advertising describes relationships, whether they are of a romantic, familial, or friendly nature, as well as representations of social indicators: masculinity, femininity, race, ethnicity, age, ability, and sexual orientation. Thus, advertising takes its cues from the society at large and sells these images back to us in an effort to create an image that is knowable and relatable.(Mc Cracken, G.1990) We can think of consumer society as being the larger field that includes everything that has to do with production and consumption, and advertising as a specific channel that expresses verbal and visual messages on how products should be transferred into consumers' lives. Advertising exists in a number of different ways, such as via television, billboards, and magazine ads, all of which exist with the single target of selling a product. Nowadays, there are many perfume ad campaigns focus on simplism. The ad campaigns for Clinique’s perfume is a very good examples of this theme, they did a survey of teenage group,...

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