Class President Speech

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PAGE 1 ……………………………………. Introduction What are Human Resources? Departments of Human resource

PAGE 2 ……………………………………… The Changing Business Demands Conclusion PAGE 3 ………………………………………

All businesses big and small are structured, managed and operated by use of its Resources. This is what is known as Business Resource. Resources range from Technological, Financial, Human, and Physical. In this report is a description of Human Resources (HR), including their functions, departments, importance and how they help a business to achieve their objectives.

What are Human Resources?
In simple terms they are people who work for a business. Another definition according to is the set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector or an economy.

To fulfil the targets of a business the HR may be divided into different departments each focusing on a resource. These are; * Finance department
* Customer Services department
* Marketing department
* Production department
* IT department
* Research and Development departments
* Communication department

All these departments form the foundation of Human Resource.

The Changing Business Demands
It is the responsibility of Human Resources to co-ordinate, monitor and mange employees within a business to meet the “Changing Business Demand “(Lesson 1 by Mr Jim Kenneally). Every organisation at some point in growth will face challenges. These challenges could be caused by political, economic, social or technological challenges. These Challenges might call for the HR to take actions to survive and grow. These actions could be; * The recruitment of new employees

* The termination of employees
* To make employees redundant ( when job is no longer needed in the business ) * Monitoring the employees and how effective they are
* Train existing employees in new areas to create highly efficient workforce * Provide incentives to motivate the employees to better work * Modify procedures to take account of changes in law and etc.

HR ensures that the targets to help meet the objectives, vision or aims of an organisation. How well the human resources of a business are determines the survival and growth of the business.

In this 2nd part, the report consists of samples of a job description, person specification, curriculum vitae (CV), a job application form and a covering letter, each briefly described. Job description

When a business or organisation is recruiting new employees, it creates an advertisement with a job description. The job description informs an applicant on all the necessary duties and accountability on the job. This information could be; * The definition of the job tasks. { Duties / responsibilities } * The hours of work required

* Salary / Wage
* Indication of whether it Part-Time or Full Time
* Location
* Indication of whether it is Temporary or Permanent position * Whether a holiday pay is inclusive
* Who you would report to when applying for the placement. * Deadline date or open date
Job Description sample;
Team London Bridge Ltd Job Description
Title: Sales and Marketing Executive
Reports to: Sales and Marketing Director
Based at: 52 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3UD
Job Status: Full-Time, Every Weekday 8:30am – 5:00 pm Salary: £40,000 P.A Position Purpose/Summary: To organise, manage and plan marketing and sales activities in order to maintain...
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