Civilzed Society

Topics: Pollution, 21st century, Earth Pages: 8 (3198 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Because of the evolution of human and the appearance of technology, our societies have become more prosperous and blooming; however, it’s not the truth. The reality is those prosperities we see are just false appearances, only half of the earth is getting more prosperous, but the other half of the earth has become worst. The earth is actually getting more worst is because of human, even civilized person, and they just keep causing crisis to the earth and maintain the false appearances they have.

In the 21st century, most people in the world, even civilized person are treating the earth cruelly and distressingly, they cause many crises to the earth and one of the serious crises is pollution problem. Human uses different resources from the earth for example oil to produce different products and causing different pollutions to it. As we know there are water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution and many more pollutions. It is a very serious and horrible phenomenon because human is actually polluting all aspects of the earth. While we’re producing pollution to the earth, pollution is causing other crises to earth too for example desertification. A book called “Gaia: an atlas of planet management” talks about many phenomenon of universe and our earth, also has a huge point of views about those crises human makes. The author of the book says, “Erosion, desertification, and pollution have become our lot. It is a weird form of suicide, for we are bleeding our planet to death.” As human keeps making crises to the earth for a long period of time, those crises have already become our lot, our fate. Also as we produce this crisis to the earth, we’re also producing other crises to ourselves—Death.

Not only those pollutions human has made to the earth, another serious crisis we have produced is the garbage patch. Most of the garbage we throw has been sent to the sea and cause the garbage patch. For sure it causes a big water pollution problem, but the more serious thing it has caused is the death of marine life. Majority of the garbage are come from those factories made from human, especially civilized person. Civilized person is clever so they make many factories to produce stuffs and earn money even they know it will causes the garbage patch and pollutions to the earth. An American writer James Wright says, “Most of the pollution in the water already is dead animal and plant matter and building debris …... good stagnant nursery for mosquitoes.” It shows that many animals die because of the water pollution and the effect of garbage patch has become larger and larger. This crisis will also affect our living as we also need to eat animals and drink water.

Even most of us treat the earth so badly and cause crisis to it, not all of them treat the earth like that. There are also some people treat the earth so nicely and very care about the earth. According to the research around the world, there are about one to two million organizations around the world that are devoted to peace, environmental stewardship, social justice, and the preservation of diverse and indigenous culture, and the numbers of organization are still increasing. It means that there are also many civilized people care about the earth and the environment of our society, and try to solve those crises that made by human. A good phenomenon is more and more people notice those crises and start to change their way to treat the earth, therefore our society is not evil at all.

Based on the phenomenon that most of the people, even civilized person are causing more and more crises to the earth, there are many reasons causing them to destroy the earth. Also we must know the reasons as we find the solutions to solve those crises human has produced.

First, most human, even civilized person keep producing conflicts and crises because of their desire. Since every human also contains their own desire, they will want to have the things that they want, and do...
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