How We Can Make the World a Better Place

Topics: Sun, Oxygen, Ozone layer Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Every day, and I mean every day, the world slowly gets a better chance of surviving an epidemic. But every day, the world slightly perishes and begins to crumble. And I don’t mean literally crumble. Maybe just a little. But anyways the world starts becoming a bad place to live in. Whether it’s from pollution or foreign matter. But I will be talking about pollution mostly. People pollute every second of the day. I’m serious. And the bad thing is that there may not be a way to stop these people from polluting. Governments and agencies have tried numerous times to encourage people to stop even if it’s slowly at a time. And now they try to help by coming out with electric cars and allow recycling more often. Yet is it enough? It may be but then again it’s most likely not. You see, the sun lets light in so we can see and have nutrients. And there is the little thing called the ozone layer that keeps a little of the sun in but not a lot of it. With the ozone layer, the heat and light from the sun bounces back towards itself. Like I said, the ozone layer only allows a little of the sun in. yet, by pollution the ozone layer becomes thinner and thinner allowing more sun to come in and fry us. I’ll break it down for you. Lets take smoke from refineries or a car. The smoke goes in to the air and mixes with the clouds. But some of that smokes breaks through and collides with the ozone layer causing erosion which makes the ozone layer thinner, allowing more sun in. Pollution is bad! But that’s not the only kind of pollution. Lets talk about out lovely streets and plants. Although its hard to call them lovely. Take an ordinary beautiful garden maintained by caring people. Example: Bob waters his garden and clears it of weeds regularly. Everyone who walks by tells Bob that his garden is beautiful with a capital B. yet what Bob and all the others don’t know is that under that beautiful garden lies deadly fumes that slowly kill the flowers. A year later, Bob finds his garden...
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