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Topics: High school, Better, Improve Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: July 25, 2010
There are many things that can be done to improve the city of Euclid. We can improve the school system. We can improve the school programs. We can improve the overall look of the city. We can also improve recreation in Euclid. Therefore, we can improve the city of Euclid. There are many things that can be done to improve the school system and programs. First we can improve the high school. They should first bring back small schools, because I feel that the students had a better chance. The teachers didn’t have as many students and could help more students. Plus I feel that small schools prepare you for college better if you already know what you want to major in. Another way to improve the high school is with pep rallies. We only had one meaningful one last year. I feel that if we maybe had a gang, gun, violence, drug, ect... pep rally every 2 weeks it would stick and possibly make a change. Therefore pep rallies can improve Euclid high school. Another way to improve the school system is to give us more snow days. We live right by the lake. The city doesn’t always plow side streets. The only way we even get snow days is if the bus drivers refuse to drive and I think that is ridiculous. Therefore, we need more snow days. There are many school programs that can be improve in the Euclid school system. The first is D.A.R.E. I feel that they should do teach it in high school more instead of elementary school. High school is the time when your more exposed to drugs, not the fifth grade. I just feel like they give up on teenagers because the same officer that could be trying to teach you is constantly harassing you.

Another program that can be improved is Euclid sports. I feel that our school only focuses on 3 sports. Maybe they could give the spotlight to some of the less popular sports and get people interested. Also our female athletes don’t get nearly as much recognition as the male athletes. In my opinion that’s not very fair, but that’s...
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