Chronicles of Ice Personal Experience.

Topics: Storm, Tornado, Thunderstorm Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Nicole Cabrera
Eng. 104 Intro. Composition

Wonderful Thunderstorm
I remember walking in my tiptoes through an endless hallway with tall white walls. I was little and I was scared. During this everlasting path I was illuminated by a striking white light that came from the sky. Finally I arrived to my mom’s room. I watched her sleep peacefully and doubted about waking her up. As I hesitated, my mom slightly opened her eyes and watched me observed her. She gave me a welcoming smile and made some space for me in her bed, closing her eyes again. I crawled into it, felling safer but still looking for comfort. Her loving and protective arms surrounded me and in a whisper she said “tomorrow will be a bright day, you will see.” This is the first memory I have of a thunderstorm. As I grew older I became more familiar with thunderstorms, they are really common in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After that night I wait for another storm to came, and when it finally happened I couldn’t stop watching. I sat in the living room, right by my mom’s side, watching the water pour down through the window. She happily watched the rain and thought me to wait for the white light that illuminated the entire sky. Once we saw the light, we counted the second for the million soldiers to appear, marching and keeping the pace as they passed above us in the dark night sky. As the soldiers approached to my house, the windows started vibrating, announcing their arrival and also their departure. I learned to keep calm and find these sounds friendly for a deep sleep. When I woke up I will see a clear blue light sky and a bright yellow sun, almost as if the night before had never occurred. I couldn’t stop asking myself how did that powerful storm was created. Later I understood that when lightning suddenly flashed across the sky and it was followed by the rumbles of thunders, it wasn’t just a normal storm, it was dominated as a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are formed by the uplifting of warm...
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