Choke By Chuck Palahniuk: Social Changes In American Culture

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In American culture, there are many social issues and aspects in which influences a person; in the long run hopefully it inspires change in society. In the fictional novel, Choke, written by Chuck Palahniuk. American culture is explored throughout the whole novel, and it reveals social issues in hope that it will lead to a change. This fictional novel is social commentary through the aspects of a love story, addicts, hidden secretes, and religion.
Love is a feeling when one feels the deep affection and sexual attachment for their partner. So partners have sexual intercourse to show how much they love each other. Palahniuk thinks differently, he deeply believes that love and sex are mutually exclusive. Palahniuk connects these two as opposites
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Love is a theme that is explored, and apparently this novel is a love story. Palahniuk gives little hints about that love is not a fairy tale. In other words, love is blind, and one does not know who to expect until it hits them. For example, when Victor went to go visit her mother at St. Anthony, the elderly mother, Ida Mancini, Paige Marshall, and Victor are in the room. Ida asks a question “Do you love him?” (224) and both Paige and Victor respond by saying “I do” (224). Palahniuk’s point is that love can be found anywhere for anyone, even to those with an upside down lifestyle. This relates to the American culture that love is never planned. Victor a sex addict with nothing going well in his life, and that deceives others by choking on food and receives money for care. He meets with a beautiful doctor named, Paige Marshall, she is a kind and caring person. Having a doctor and a sex addict that love each other is something that is unheard of. Now in days, it is unlikely for couples to form in this way. Factors prevent couples from working such as family, income, different beliefs, etc. It clearly indicates that love is not is not a fairy tale, and to an extant love is blind. Love is not perfect in the American culture, Palahniuk explores this idea that one will not find the perfect guy, love is blind.
Is being an addict good or bad? Palahniuk
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Could this also be an addiction? Well in terms of this novel, it seems like it is actually an addiction. The reason why this is believed to be an addiction is because he would choke himself and trick others by saving his life, so he can receive the financial benefits. “All it will take is one person to brag about being a hero. Being a savior, and how he’d saved Victor’s life in a restaurant” (Palahniuk 289). This relates to how the society is has those kind of people that deceives others for benefits. This has always been a problem in the United States, due to the fact that people have no emotions or feeling towards others. So in terms of society one can call Victor an addict. An addict that doesn’t have feelings about others. This kind of addict is what separates between the good and the bad addictions. Now in society, people would file lawsuits just for being ignorant and wanting money, in some cases. In the novel, Victor chokes because he needs the financial wanting, due to the fact that he is an ignorant low life. That is what Palahniuk reveals about our society, how people would deceive others for the stuff they want, and justice is needed. There needs to be a change in

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