Chile Case Analysis

Topics: Sales, Lean manufacturing, Customer service Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: January 17, 2015

Multi-Product Chile Case Analysis
Global Management
Team 1:
Kimani Adam, Guilhem Busset, Francesco Calculli, Melody Chan, Devprasad Mishra, Carmen Ramos

Masters of International Business Program
Hult International Business School: San Francisco Campus


The Multi-Product Chile case showed all the characteristics of a decision case. At the end of the case, Mr. Thompson, the new manager, had to face with a decision whether or not continuing with the changes started by the company. Therefore, we approached at the case with a decisive standpoint.

1. What are the specific problems & issues facing the company?

Managers organization structure chart shows that the work distribution could not be done well. There are too many managers and this might lead to a very high individual competition. The working structure of the company does not promote teamwork, each division is working individually and the staff is not working as a team and this decreases the effectiveness of the compensation system, which has also been held as an individual activity. Another major issue is the lack of trust on each other, caused mainly by cultural aspects that lead the employees to be more individual: everyone is only interested in themselves, not in the area they work in. Sales representatives are only interested on the product they are specifically selling and that causes differences with what the clients are looking for. Therefore, the company struggles to accept changes happening right now.

2. How do you evaluate the approach the firm has taken so far?

Multi-Products Chile has tried to keep up with the new trends in the market by meeting the new and constantly evolving customer’s needs. Before Thompson’s arrival, the Key Accounts review and Integrated Solutions program were already been launched. The new identification of company’s Key Accounts as a strategic relationship with the customers was...
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