Children with Hearing Impairment

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Identification and Assessment of Children with hearing Impairment

The Assessment program for children with hearing impairment includes:

1.Audio logical Evaluation

Audiology- is the science of testing and evaluating hearing ability to detect and describe hearing impairments.

Audio logical evaluation- is done by an audiologist through the use of sophisticated instruments and techniques.

Audiometer- is an electronic device that generates sounds at different levels of intensity and frequency. Its purpose is to determine frequencies of sounds that a particular person hears.

Pure tone audiometry- utilizes pure tones in air and bone conduction test in which yield quantitative as well as qualitative description of a child’s hearing loss.

Speech audiometry- uses speech instead of pure tones.

In the Philippines where formal audio logical services are limited, informal tests of hearing are employed. The procedures for some of these hearing tests are described below.

Informal Hearing Test

a. Whisper Test

• The examiner stands at arm's length (~0.6 m) behind the patient (to prevent lip reading)
• The opposite auditory canal is occluded by the patient or examiner and the tragus is rubbed in a circular motion (goal; to block hearing from that ear) • The examiner exhales and whispers a combination of numbers and letters (example 4-K-2). Whispering at the end of exhalation is to ensure as quiet and as standardized voice as possible.

• If the patient responds correctly, hearing is considered normal and no further screening is necessary on that ear.
• If the patient responds incorrectly, then repeat using a different number-letter combination.
• If on repeated testing, the patient can answer three out of a possible six numbers- letters correctly, the patient passes. If they cannot...
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