Child Care Marketing Plan

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Melissa MacDonald
Principles of Marketing

Miracles Marketing Plan

1. Executive Summary
2. Strategic Objectives
3.1 Mission
We are a non-profit child care facility that provides nurturing care while educating and allowing the children to develop their own personalities, while having still being able to be a child and have fun. Our facility will operate in ways to make it convenient and affordable for the parent, while not compromising the care their child will receive. 3.2 Goals

1) Provide outstanding care that works for both the parent and the child. a. Education
b. Family-like nurturing
c. Routine
d. Convenient & flexible hours
e. Affordable rates
f. Transportation (be in a location that is on the local school bus route) 2) Create awareness and support of our new facility.
g. Flyers distributed and posted at school
h. Article in the town newsletter
i. Open house
j. Door hangers
3) Raise funds for field trips and educational supplies in an effort to keep tuition and required costs to the parent affordable. k. Bake sale/Craft Sale
l. Coin Drop
m. Parents Night Out – Provide pizza from Little Caesar’s ($5/large pizza), drinks, games, & a movie. Parents can drop their child off on a Friday or Saturday evening at 5 pm and pick up by 9 pm. This allows parents a worry free evening out, while the children are having a fun night out as well. Charge would be $10/child. 3.3 Business Summary

3.4 Competitive Advantage
3. Situation Analysis
4.5 Industry Analysis
4.6.1 Market Size
4.6.2 Market Growth
4.6.3 Market Needs
4.6.4 Market Trends
4.6 SWOT Analysis
4.7.5 Strengths
Single parents are usually workers who need child care, and there are many families in which both people work and are in need of day care for their children. In terms of a start-up, there is also the strength of having potential funding from local or federal government agencies eager to help improve access to quality and affordable child care with a convenient location and hours. In terms of personal satisfaction, another strength of this type of business is that it provides a creative aspect for the owner who is able to develop the theme and early childhood curriculum to be used. This strength works hand in hand with the contribution to the community you provide when you offer quality child care that enriches the lives of your children. 4.7.6 Weaknesses

Start-up costs can be exorbitant, as they include a building with a kitchen, insurance, supplies and a marketing budget. You must also obtain licensing to run the operation and be in compliance with all local, state and federal laws. Don't forget to include the daily costs of running the business, including utilities and food. Finally, the maintenance of the center can be expensive with painting, repairs, replacement furniture and other supplies. 4.7.7 Opportunities

The potential opportunities associated with a day care business can be exciting. There is always the potential of growth, which includes not only more children but the possibility of additional buildings. Once established, the opportunity exists to partner with businesses in the area who could potentially subsidize the cost for employees who use your center. It is also feasible for you to provide care for children whose low-income families benefit from government programs, which could help ensure that you'll receive full payment. 4.7.8 Threats

The threats aspect of a day care center should focus on competition, especially from companies that offer in-house child care. There is also the possibility of lawsuits for alleged cases of neglect or abuse, which can happen even in the best-run and -staffed facilities. There is also the risk of high employee turnover and difficulties in finding qualified staff members....
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