Child Abuse and the Media - the Nigerian Perspective

Topics: Child abuse, Akwa Ibom State, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Every child must be protected against all forms of exploitation, indecent or degrading treatment, including child labour, abduction and sale (UNICEF 2000). According to UNICEF, exploiting the labour of a child means employing a person below the age of 15 years and paying him/her less than the minimum standard wage. Olafsen, Corwin and Summit (1993) have argued that cycles of awareness followed by suppression have typified society's response to child sexual abuse. Arguably, this has been society's response to all forms of child abuse and neglect of children they also expressed that mass media education and prevention campaigns present one means of breaking cycles of suppression and denial. The media have played a key role in periodically placing the issue of child abuse on the public agenda

The International Labour Organization estimates there are 246 million working children aged between five and seventeen worldwide(Anti-slavery International 2002). At least 179million are estimated to work in the worst form of child labour – one out of the world’s five to seventeen years old. According to the ILO (2006),111 million children under 15 are in hazardous work and should be immediately withdrawn from this work. ILO (1996:12) states that approximately130,000 children work in India’s hand-knotted carpet industry, 80% of whom are located in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state (over140 million people) and the centre of the rug industry. ILO described the working conditions as often poor, involving long hours sitting in one position, breathing cotton and wool fibres, eye-strain from doing very fine work and poor lightening. Shocking doesn’t go half the way to describing it. Children, from toddlers to teenagers, are sitting in the dust, in overpowering heat, working. There is no shade or shelter. Each child has a pile of rocks and is breaking them into stones with a gnarled, makeshift hammer made from a wooden stick and piece of...
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