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English 10H-4

21 Feb. 2011

Working the Children of the World to Death

Remember the feeling of being a child and the ability to be free to do anything and when something wrong there was always the excuse of being just a kid still learning what was supposed to go down. A child is innocent and just wants to be loved and shown that they are cared about but when a child has to do labor all that is taken away from them and leaves them feeling empty and that no one cares about them. So to end child labor would be to end the suffering of poor innocent children everywhere in the world who have never done anything wrong in their life. Child labor has and will always be the worst situation to put a child through and in order to improve the world it needs to be put to a stop immediately.

Child Labor is work performed by children that either endangers their or safety, interferes with or prevents their education, or keeps them from play and other activity important to their development (“Child Labor”). This is a social problem and is associated with the rise of industrial production and the appearance of capitalism. Child labor first appeared with the development of the domestic system (Landgren). If the parents needed more money they would usually send there kids to work in the mines from early in the morning until late at night. There’s still child labor many places in the world but there’s laws that restrict it. In America child labors is completely illegal but in Canada the only way that the kids receive their pay is if they stay in school which is extremely hard to maintain good grades if there working from right after school until late at night.

There are approximately 250 million child laborers worldwide. At least 120 million are working under circumstances that have denied them a childhood and jeopardizes their health (Landgren). Most children working are between the ages 11-14, but an astonishing 60 million are between 5-11. Approximately 96% of the child workers reside in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; there are also pockets of child labor in industrialized countries (Roggero).

Child labor interferes with the overall development of the child. If the majority of the child’s life is working the child can’t be able to grow the way the child needs to grow causing growth defects among the children. Children would often times have to work in a mine. It’s common to know a mine is dangerous even with adults but when kids are thrown in there it would just make the situation even more dangerous. When working in the mines some kids would carry the blocks of coal up and down the mines. These buckets of coal were very heavy and would be carried by the girls. One girl said that when she was down in the mine all the men were naked except for helmets and that they would beat her and sometimes take advantage of her (“Child Labor”). So this would most definitely hinder the proper growth of a young girl and affect her not only physically but emotionally in the long run.

Child labor also affects the child’s overall health and presents them to infectious disease which they can’t have treated because they are too busy working. Most children working are malnourished and under fed. The children working usually come from poor households and low income families. If one child receives a sickness he puts the whole work place at risk of having the same disease and puts more people at risk. Since a child is still growing there immune system isn’t as strong as a normal adult so their more prone to disease.

In the coal mines of England the girls would usually carry the buckets of coal a mile back and forth in the shaft. They would usually carry the buckets on their heads causing them to have permanent bald spots and have some head damage (“Child Labor”). Also there are many cases of children who are a part of child labor having many diseases and even more cases of...
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