Child Workers

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More than 200 million children work for 5 cents an hour, 16 hours a day over in pakastan and Indian. Most of these children start working at the ages of 4-5, because their families cannot support itself. These children are chained to the looms and beaten, sometimes with sticks or the chain around their foot. If children try and escape they are beaten or killed; they are forced to work even if they cut their hands. It is not uncommon for owners to trade children. Carpet owners believe that children are the best workers because for the most part children are obedient and will sit at the loom all day, only being fed tea for breakfast and a few slices of bread for dinner. Some of the female child workers have wool stuffed in their mouths to keep them from screaming and are raped repeatedly.
For this is gross negligence towards child is disgraceful, irresponsible and downright criminal. Young children should be able to live their lives to the fullest, be able to just be kids. To make a child work even when they’ve cut their hands is a disgrace. No child should ever be put in a hazardous situation, NOT EVER!
CONCLUSION: There is no way anyone could explain a moral or just right for a child to have to work in those kid of conditions, in any kind of conditions.

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