CHEM 1406 Casein Report Sheet

Topics: Milk, Cheese, Yield Pages: 2 (174 words) Published: December 28, 2014
Chem 1406 Isolation of Casein Report Sheet
Name Melanie Black-Van Wright
Date 11/10/14
Partner if applicable

Part I:
Observations of formation of casein precipitate
The milk began to curd. As the curd increases the milk appeared more clear at times.

Mass of casein
1.65 g
Part II:
Test tube
Observation of CuSO4 biuret Test
Test Results (+ or -)
Solution turned violet
Egg white
solution turned violet
solution turned blue
solution turned blue
Postlab Questions
1. Whas is the theoretical yield of casein based on the table of Milk Composition Analysis? 3.3 %
2. What is your percent yield? 3.2g/3.9g x 100= 82%
3. Why might your percent yield be lower than expected?
More fat has a decrease in protein which would cause a lower percent yield. 4. Why might your percent yield be higher than expected? Less fat causes an increase in protein, thus giving a higher percent yield. 5. In the precipitation of casein, why is it important that the temperature be maintained at 40°C? To allow and encourage , for example with the milk casein to form and appear.
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