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Topics: Police, Security, Security guard Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Allan Pinkerton was a very well know man in America. This man was born in 1819 in glesgow, Scotland. He passed away in 1884 in America. Allan’s father was a police officer in Scotland untell he had and acadent wich then caused him to not work before he passed two years after he got injured. After his fathers passing allan then moved to America were he then worked for a company making barlles. Wiole he was in the woods looking for wood he stumbled upon some individual counterfeiting. This is when he turn it into the police and the indaviduals were then arrested. This is were the beginning of his detective career began. When he bagain his detective career he started out with the local law enforcement for the Chicago law enforcement department. Were there he became the shriff of cook county. Allan then started his own detective agency that has grown from just a little firm to one of the biggest private detective agencys in the united states. Allan was know for being one of the best detectives around. He was assigned to multible asignments including protecting presedent aberham licon on his was from Illinois to the white house. The agency was used in protecting rail roads and oil companys along with being a night watchmen. The company just keeped getting biger. The rail way got robbid and allan was assigned to investigat the robbery. Which was taken place by Jessie james. This was one of the know indaviduals that were behind numerouse robberies. Jessy and his brothers lived at a farm were allan went to arrest him. Along with whicher who was sent to help him. They didn’t take things to seriouse from others but were informed that the mother on the land would kill them if the boys didn’t. the next day whicher was murdered. Allan got another side kick and went to the farm. They threw a bomb like suptance into the house wich hurt the mother and killed jessies youngest half brother. Whitch that caused a conflict with people about the insadent and so then allan went back...
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