Week 1 Checkpoint Xcom 285

Topics: Bluetooth, Mobile phone, Radio Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: August 14, 2012
I think business today is learning to use the new communication technologies, while some find a fair level of success, others still struggle to find the benefits. If a company is under the influence of one who has not embraced the current trends, then that type of thinking may be descended down through the ranks. Other factors may include the capital needed to fund the investment necessary to keep up with updating equipment and training. Some types of business may require frequent updates to protect their information.

An example in my area is a major grocery chain, two of them. Neither has updated their computer systems to acknowledge immediate withdrawal for check writers. One can write a check for their purchase and wait three days or more for it to clear the bank. Nearly all of the competitors, even the smaller, independent ones, have those systems in place. One may assume that giants such as Kroger, and Albertson’s would be in the forefront, but that assumption would be incorrect.

Another example of under-used technology is in the potential of cell phones with blue tooth capability. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is still using large, clumsy, obsolete, walkie-talkies in their stores, for management communication. They could easily use chirp technology by having their employees purchase Nextel phones and plans. Blue tooth technology would enable them to dial an individual or more and communicate without those people having to stop their current actions. This could eliminate the cost to the business for the outdated walkie-talkies, and give the employees a tax write-off for using their phones for their job. It would also eliminate the embarrassment of customers hearing anything said through the speaker of the walkie-talkie.

I think as businesses start to see the extent of how many of these new communication resources can benefit them, they will overcome their fear of employees misusing them. Hands free phone usage and instant messaging could play a...
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