Cheating is Wrong

Topics: Cheating, Human Pages: 1 (571 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Matthew Hughes
Patty Martin
Performance Choir
21 May 2014
Consequence of Cheating
In the world, there is a moral conduct that people may, or may not, normally follow. After every decision, there are outcomes. Whether good or bad, they will still have an effect on the world that surrounds us. Related to the commandment in the Bible speaking against stealing, cheating is a quick and easy way to get out of a difficult situation. The main question is, “Why should cheating be taken so seriously.” Cheating is very prevalent in many school societies even in Christian schools throughout the nation. A survey in 1999 was sent out to the readers of Campus Life Magazine that gave feed back on how many people have cheated in the past. Eighty percent said they had cheated in school, fourteen percent cheated a very little amount, and only about six percent never cheated. Another question asked in the survey was, “Why do people cheat.” The vast majority said their reason for cheating was because they did not study or have time to complete their given assignment. The others involved said it was just to get better grades. Just by looking at the statistics, there is a noticeable group of people who have cheated in the past and think cheating is still all nice and rosy. Most people know, cheating is wrong because of the punishments that have been set in in place by school rulebooks throughout history. Even though everyone knows this, the human race tries to rationalize this sin. “Cheating never hurts anybody.” “Ten years from now, who is going to care”? That is right. No one will care in the future, but that is not the problem. As the cheaters cheat, there are handworkers that are trying to earn what they deserve. When someone stays up late at night and studies as rigorously as possible they will pass their test because they worked for it. If some people work and others do not work at all, cheating is not fair. People who cheat do not learn anything. The cheaters do not...
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