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Is cheating out of control

By Januarika-Rika Jan 18, 2015 1000 Words
Is Cheating Out of Control?
What is cheating? Is it out of control? Is it a problem that exists in our society? Cheating is when someone acts dishonestly to gain advantage for him or her. Cheating may happen anywhere such as at school, at work, on relationship, at competition, or at home. Cheating has become a problem that exists in our society. Nowadays, everyone wants their life become easier. So, they are cheating to become better and successful for their future. Students also like to cheat. They are lazy to study for the exam so they take an easy path to get a good score by cheating. They will not care who knows they were cheating or not. They just want a good score. Although they know that cheating is bad attitude, but they still continue to doing this. Because they don’t know what will be the risk for the one whom cheating. Cheating will destroy family, education, and people’s life. The one who is cheating, at the end they will not get anything. Even though there are a “good reason” to cheat, but cheating still is not a good idea.

Is it out of control? Yes, it is. Any kind of cheating is a egoistic act. If someone cheats on their partner, these mean that they have no honor to their partner. If students cheat in the school, it’s mean that they don’t do their obligation as a student. Everyone must have responsibility to do their own obligation. When you have responsibility, you will respect to yourself. If you don’t have responsibility to do your obligation, people around us will help educate us. When students go to school, teachers will be an important part of their education. Teacher will educate us when we are cheating. Not only teachers, school manager and school senior will also help educate us to become a good person. So, they can show everybody that their school has a good quality. They want to show that they have an ability to change the students to become better than before. Besides that, parents also the best teacher for children at home. Parents are children’s families. They have to train their children to be truthful to do anything. Cheating will not help anything. Parents will be proud of their children who have doing their obligation in the school properly without any cheating. How upset our parents if they know that we’re cheating to get good scores to make them proud. It will be worst problem. Cheating has many kinds but actually all of them has the same purpose and lead to disfiguration. Everyone see cheating is get out of control which can’t draw up it. People will not pay attention about breakage of cheating which can effect on whole parts of our life. First, cheating destruct an education which is very significant for us to direct the country to brilliant future. Everything in this world needs education. Without education, people can’t develop or produce new technology. Second, cheating destruct our society which split the connections between families and friends. Third, cheating also destruct our country’s economic where people steal a lot of our country’s money and take it to fulfill his or her satisfaction. It can completely reduce the rate of country’s currency. One example of which is when the Former President Gloria M. Arroyo stole almost one million votes from Mindanao during the 2007 election to make sure of her victory against her opponent. It was proven through the phone calls secretly taken. This situation argues that the Former President has deceived not just the people but her rivals too. This controversy had called as the ‘hello-garci’ scandal but were the people able to manage it? No, they impotently were not able to. Cheating is out control which can’t stop it but can degrade it by many modes .First of all, person should erase cheating from their heart sincerely. Second, Government must penalize the cheaters wisely to protect society from previously hazardous. And the last, families should instruct and train their children about cheating matters. Ultimately, as a student, the word cheating is not fresh because almost everybody have had tried to cheat. The teachers may be harsh but they can’t avoid the students from cheating. The students have a lot of modes to cheat that the teachers will never find out. We think most students will coincide that cheating is absolutely unmanageable. Having all the evidences and example about cheating being out of control, this essay confidently draw conclusion that cheating is certainly out of control because if cheating can be managed then there should be no ruined relationships, corruption, finally, people should have not cheated in class before. So the conclusion, cheating is out of control but everyone in this world must fight cheating in order to lower it, who knows, maybe cheating will disappear later .-Mohab Gabr-

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