Charles Manson

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Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother was a 16 year old unmarried girl, Kathleen Maddox. Three weeks after his birth, he was named Charles Miles Maddox. Not too long after his birth, his mother married a laborer, William Manson, whose last name was given to Charles. There's much speculation about Manson's birth father, but truth is, nobody really knows. There are sources that say a "Colonel Scott" was his father, but there is no proof. According to Manson, his mother was an alcoholic. He was once sold for a pitcher for beer to a childless waitress. His uncle retrieved him days later.

In 1939, his mother was sentenced to five years in prison for robbing a service station. Manson then moved in with an aunt and uncle in McMechen, West Virgina. When his mother was paroled in 1942, he stayed with her in several different run down hotels. He has said that the day she came and got him after she was paroled was his sole happy childhood memory. In 1947, his mother tried to have him placed in foster care but no home was available, so he was sent to The Gibault School for Boys in Indiana. After ten months, he escaped to be with his mother, who rejected him.

He burglarized a string of grocery stores, and got caught when stealing a bike. He was sent to an Indianapolis juvenile center. After one day, he escaped, this then led to being recaptured and sent to a Boys Town. Once there he befriended a boy and they escaped days later. They committed two armed robberies; he was caught again and sent to the Indiana School for Boys. It was at this time he claimed later in life he was sexually brutalized. He was thirteen at the time. And after many failed attempts he finally escaped in 1951, with two other boys. They were later caught in Utah driving to California in stolen cars. Since this was a federal crime, taking a stolen car across a state line, he was sent to Washington, D.C., National Training School for Boys. He had four years of school here -- they tested him and his I.Q. was 121, but still illiterate. The caseworker at this facility had concluded that "he was aggressively antisocial." He was to be paroled in February 1952. He took a razor blade to another boy's throat while he sodomized him. He was then transferred to Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Virgina, where he was deemed "dangerous." He then got transferred in September 1952 after many seriously disciplinary offenses to the Federal Reformatory in Ohio, a more secure institution. After a month, he had become a model resident. He had good work habits and a rise in his educational level. This won him an early parole in May 1954.

Manson was later arrested in Laredo, Texas and was returned to California. He had violated his probation and was sentenced to serve a ten year sentence. Manson was released March 21, 1967. Charles Manson had spent more than 32 years in prison and other institutions. He told authorities that prison had become his home; he requested to stay, but they wouldn't let him.

On his release day, he requested and was granted permission to move to San Francisco, where he moved into an apartment with the help of a friend. While Manson was in prison, a bank robber named Alvin Karpis, had taught him to play steel guitar. This is how Manson made money. He became friends with Mary Brunner, whom he moved in with, and convinced her to let other women stay there. They shared living courters with eighteen other women. Manson was established as a guru in 1967's "Summer of Love," which was during the breakout of hippie culture. He had many followers; mainly women. In 1968, him and his followers drove to Southern California. Manson was determined to have a music career. Through an acquaintance, Manson met and hung out with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Manson and his followers stayed at Wilson's residence for a while, the followers acting as servants to Manson and Wilson. Wilson paid for Manson's studio time to record...
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