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Why Does Botswana Need a National Vision?
Ē times & values in general have changed so significantly both domestically & around ē world. Bots finds itself having to introspect, position itself as well as maintain its valued culture & integrity. How the Vision was produced

Ē work of defining Vision 2016 started in Aug 1996 by Presidential Task Group. They made a booklet entitled “A Framework for a Long Term Vision for Botswana”. Their task was to manage a process for consulting Batswana to discover their common aspirations for ē future. Ē Group gave out invitations to ē public.

Ē Group managed a series of more than 30 open hearings/ kgotla meetings in the district & urban centres of Bots Ē consultations in a selection of small villages & remote settlements were conducted by a team from UB. Arrangement of an essay competition.

Vision 2016 - A Long Term Vision for Botswana
Ē development plans of Bots have always been based upon ē 4 national principles, which are Democracy; Development; Self-Reliance & Unity. These principles are still in use even today, & must be re-focused to embrace modification & relate to Bots’s present level of growth. Ē 5th principle for Bots will be Botho. The goals:

1. By ē yr 2016, Bots will be an educated, knowledgeable country. Good quality education is what Bots will have & it will be adapted to ē needs of ē country. Education will be universal & obligatory to ē secondary level. All useful resources & equipment will be provided @ secondary level & beyond as a substitute to academic study. Everyone will have access to all sorts of media & electronics. There will be transparency in Bots. 2. By ē yr 2016, Bots will be a prosperous, productive & innovative nation country. Batswana will be hard workers & disciplined people with a changed economy. Agric, industry, mining & services will be fruitful & vital constituents of economic action. Bots’s improvements will be maintainable, & will take explanation of ē conservation...

Bibliography: Vision 2016 Council (Bots) National Stakeholders Conference (2010) Welcome to Botswana Vision 2016, [online], (accessed on 01 October)
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