The Relationship Between Humans and Robots

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Comparative Analysis
Five years ago, I watched a classic science-fiction film “Wall-E” (2008), the main character in this movie is a robot which collects trash on the abandoned earth in the future. Although it follows the order by human engaging the boring task day by day, it saves the global environment with its strong emotion when it finds the green plant. Most interesting, Wall-E also falls in love with EVE at the end of this movie. Even the fantasy plot is merely happen in the film, currently, with the development of technology, more and more humanoid robots are beginning to work in our realistic world as the assistants in many fields. From “Humanoid Robotics: Ethical Considerations” to “My Friend the Robot,” both of this two articles focus on the ethical decisions on the robots, although robots become more autonomous and intelligent, they cannot and will not ever replace humans. People need to find ways to ensure that they are better equipped to make moral judgments. By comparing with two articles that talk about this topic, we can confirm the different and similar points between these two articles. In the article “Humanoid Robotics: Ethical Considerations,” published on the Idaho National Laboratory website on May 30, 2006, David Bruemmer emphasizes the importance of technological development and regulation in the field of giving robots some motivational system. Following the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence is extensively used in many aspects. Therefore, human improving humanoids via intelligence is a trend in currently. Likewise, the author also quotes the best-known set of guidelines for robo-ethics is the “three laws of robotics” coined by Isaac Asimov who is a science-fiction writer, in order to illustrate the high-level rules are simply impracticable from a software engineering perspective. Bruemmer uses the ethical rules to measure whether giving robots intelligence or not, and gets a conclusion that the...

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