Characteristics of Managers and Leaders

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Curtin University
Management – 100
Individual Essay
Semester 1 2012

Student Name: Dhanshree Rajegaonkar
Student ID: 16159493

Every organisation need a good business structure, and the make the organisation successful they need a combination of experienced and skilled people; Managers and Leaders are some of the key people to make an organization successful. Some managers are leaders and some leaders are managers but essentially the characteristics of a manager and leader are very different (Benson 2003). There are managers and leaders in every profession, they both need to build their experience and gain the knowledge and skills to help them effectively carry out the responsibility. Leadership and management must go hand in hand – they are not the same but are inevitably associated together and are complementary to each other (Muarry n.d.). The following essay will address the different roles of a manager s and leaders and then, with the use of some examples go on to compare and contrast the characteristics of both leaders and managers. Large business organisations typically rely on three levels of managers; top managers, middle managers and first-line managers (Waddell 2011). A managers role is about – “bringing order from chaos, getting employees to move in the same direction, cutting administration, sales and production waste, and building organisational productivity” (Bartol 2011). Leadership is about – “creating value, generating creativity, inspiring change and innovation and communication vision for future” (Bartol 2011). A research conducted at the University of Iowa by Mr Kurt Lewin and his colleagues was focused on “finding specific behaviours that make some leaders more effective than others”. Three leadership styles/behaviours were closely looked at.

* Autocratic – leaders who follow this style of leadership tend to make unilateral decisions, they limit their employee knowledge by...

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