Character Mandala

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Symbol, Final examination / Pages: 4 (1065 words) / Published: Apr 8th, 2015
What is a mandala?
A mandala is a visual display of symbols and pictures that is used in some cultures to represent a person’s view of the universe.
A mandala is traditionally organized using symmetrical patterns and symbols arranged in a circle to express a mood, feeling, idea, or belief system.

For this assignment you will:
Create your own version of a mandala to represent a character in your book.
Write an artist’s statement explaining how your mandala represents and reflects your chosen character.

To Earn a “4”, you will be evaluated on this as follows:

Completeness: The mandala design includes 3 layers: a center symbol, a symmetrical pattern of symbols in the middle, and a quotation + symbol design around the perimeter. The character’s name and novel title appear somewhere on the finished mandala paper.
Creativity: The design reflects creative, artistic expression with a colorful, detailed visual appearance and minimal “white spaces”. Symbols are unique and go beyond the obvious.
Presentation: Final product reflects effort and pride. Mandala is neat, polished, unwrinkled or uncluttered in appearance. Spelling is correct in all writing on mandala, including a quotation, character’s name, and novel title.

Artist’s Statement-
Completeness: Writer includes at least three complete, quality paragraphs to explain how the mandala reflects the character. Each paragraph includes an example from the book (quote, passage, or plot detail) to support main points.
Depth and Thoughtfulness: Writer clearly and thoughtfully explains all visual elements of the mandala, including the symbols, quotation, and artistic choices. Writer shows an excellent understanding of the character. The explanation venture deep beneath the surface to reveal unique traits and characteristics about the character.
Presentation: Final draft is neat, unwrinkled, and reflects effort and pride. Writing is typed in final draft format. And has been edited for proper conventions and

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