Character Between Sonny's Blues vs a Rose for Emily

Topics: Photography, Exposure, Darkroom Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: April 11, 2013
PT202 Advanced Darkroom Tuesdays Spring 2013

Moving Beyond Traditional Printing

For this assignment you are to consider the five printing and one shooting methods outlined below. You will find that each of these techniques will produce interesting results. Start with a method that interests you and continue on from there.

1) Combination Printing:
Using two enlargers-
1 Set up enlargers and easels using negatives of your choice. 2 Place a sheet of white paper in the easel of Image 1. Trace a simple outline of the portion of Image 1 that you want to combine with Image 2. Put this tracing into the easel of Image 2 and adjust the easel so that the portion of Image 1 falls where you desire into image 2.

3 Determine the correct exposure for each image separately.
4 Print the desired portion of Image 1, masking out the area not intended to be exposed using board just as you would use for a burn exposure. 5 Move photo paper to the easel of Image 2, mask the area you just exposed from Image 1 burning in the remaining area of Image 2.

6 Process as usual.

2) Sandwiching Negatives:
Using one enlarger with two negatives sandwiched together:
1 Pick two negatives to use- it helps to set some negatives on the light table and try combining different ones there to get an idea of what sort of image sandwich you would like to make try sandwiching negative emulsion to emulsion to retain focus from both negatives.

2 Put both negatives into the enlarger.
3 Aperture should be as wide as possible.
4 Determine best overall exposure, start with 10 second increments for you first multiple exposure test strip since it will take more light to penetrate the two negatives, evaluate and continue to print as usual.

3) Sabbattier Effect (Solarization)
1 Set up and focus enlarger as usual. Use a filter i.e.: #3 or #4, use a normal to high contrast negative. Set up a second enlarger with a blank negative carrier. Put...
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