Introduction About Adobe Photoshop Tools

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To study about the adobe Photoshop tools


Marquee Tool: It makes rectangular, elliptical, single row, and single column selections.

Move Tool: moves selections, layers, and guides.

Lasso Tool: make freehand, polygonal (straight-edged), and magnetic * (snap-to) selections.

Magic Wand Tool: selects similarly colored areas.

Crop Tool: trims images.

Slice Tool: creates slices.

Slice Select Tool: selects slices.

Healing Brush Tool: paints with a sample or pattern to repairs imperfections in a image.

Patch Tool: repairs imperfections in a selected area of an image using a sample or pattern

Brush Tool: paints brush strokes.

Pencil Tool: paints hard-edged strokes.

Clone Stamp Tool: paints with a sample of an image.

Pattern Stamp Tool: paints with part of an image as a pattern.

History Brush Tool: paints a copy of the selected state or snapshot into the current image window.

Art History Brush Tool: paints with stylized strokes that simulate the look of different paint styles, using a selected state or snapshot.

Magic Eraser Tool: erases pixels and restores parts of an image to a previously saved state.

Background Eraser Tool: erases areas to transparency by dragging.

Gradient Tool: create straight-line, radial *, angle *, reflected *, and diamond *, blends between colors.

Paint Bucket Tool: fills similarly colored areas with the foreground color.

Blur Tool: blurs hard edges in an image.

Sharpen Tool: sharpens soft edges in an image.

Smudge Tool: smudges data in an image.

Dodge Tool: Lightens areas in an image.

Burn Tool: darkens areas in an image.

Sponge Tool: changes the color saturation of an area.

Path Selection Tool: make shape or segment selections showing anchor points, direction lines, and direction points.

Type Tool: create type on an image.

Type Mask Tool: create a selection in the shape of type.

Pen Tool: let you draw smooth-edged paths.

Custom Shape Tool: makes customized shapes selected from a custom shape list.

Annotation Tool: makes notes and audio annotations that can be attached to an image.

Eye Dropper Tool: samples colors in an image.

Measure Tool: measures distances, locations, and angles.

Hand Tool: moves an image within its window.

Zoom Tool: magnifies and reduces the view of an image.

Image Map Tool: define image map areas in an image.

Thus we have studied about the adobe Photoshop tools.



To study the tools used in the application of MACROMEDIA FLASH MX Tools used:



To reshape a line or shape outline, you can drag on any point on a line using the Arrow tool. The pointer changes to indicate what type of reshaping it can perform on the line or fill. To reshape a line or shape outline using the Arrow tool:

1 Select the Arrow tool.
2 Do one of the following:

Drag from any point on the segment to reshape it.

Control-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Macintosh) a line to create a new corner point.

Drawing straight lines,ovals and rectangles:
You can use the Line, Oval, and Rectangle tools to easily create these basic geometric shapes. The Oval and Rectangle tools create stroked and filled shapes. The Rectangle tool lets you create rectangles with square or rounded corners. Pen:

To draw precise paths as straight lines or smooth, flowing curves, you can use the Pen tool. You can create straight or curved line segments and adjust the angle and length of straight segments and the slope of curved segments. When you draw with the Pen tool, you click to create points on straight line segments, and click and drag to create points on curved line segments. You can adjust straight and curved line segments by adjusting points on the line. You can convert curves to straight lines and the reverse. You can also display points on lines that you create...
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