Character Analysis of Sodapop and Ponyboy in SE Hinton's The Outsiders

Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 10, 2009
English 8
Character Sketch

Sodapop Curtis

In the novel The Outsiders Sodapop is a handsome and understanding character. I think that Soda is pretty intelligent and knows a lot about the world for being a drop out, and how he bonds with his brothers is very touching. Soda goes through a lot in this story. There are many deaths, decisions to be made, but most of the guys pull through and try and make the best out of the situations.

Soda is very handsome. Ponyboy, his brother and narrator of the book, always talks about how good looking Soda is. His looks are, “like a movie star”, Pony says while describing Soda. All the girls think that Soda is a doll because he’s such a sweetheart and so good looking. By working at a gas station, Ponyboy thinks that it gets a lot of business because all the girls are attracted to Sodapop.

Soda’s second trait, understanding, explains a lot about him. Soda is a very good listener and tries his hardest to help anyone out if they’re having trouble with something in life. Soda and Ponyboy always have late night talks in bed when Pony has something on his mind. “Soda is different from anybody, he understands everything, almost”, Pony says.

I think that Soda’s two traits that I picked him, describe him in a good ways. He is very empathetic and seemed like he was always worried about Pony and his other brother Darry but he was very understanding about what was going on with them. Soda is really handsome but that didn’t make him conceited or anything, he was proud of his good looks, but he didn’t flaunt them or brag about it. I admire Soda; he is a very caring person and was never rude to anyone unless there was a really good reason to be. I wish I a had a personality like him, not caring what other people thought and just moving on with life.
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